Bona Adhesive Sausages

10 Oct Bona Adhesive Sausages

Our Bona Adhesive Sausages have many advantages. The glue can be applied much faster and cleaner and 100% can be used without loss of material and without additional expense.

Even when working very carefully, Bona recons up to 500g per 15kg bucket can be wasted, not to mention when interruptions are experienced during the installation phase. Waste can in many cases even add up to 1.5kg.

Product advantages compared to a plastic bucket:

  • – No product waste – dried glue left in bucket can weigh up to 1.5kg
  • – No skin-forming
  • – 2 years shelf-life
  • – Faster application
  • – Resealable airtight packing
  • – Hardly any packaging waste – no bucket to dispose of
  • – Easier transportation in box with handle
  • – Easier consumption calculation for jobs
  • – Available from FloorworX in 600ml and 5400ml sausages

Bona Adhesive Sausages help protect the environment and reduces costs and on top of that its shelf-life is longer.

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