Bona Care Programme – Resilient Floors

26 Feb Bona Care Programme – Resilient Floors

A track record for innovation

With almost a century of experience in wooden floor treatment, Bona is today used by professional wooden floor contractors worldwide. With a creative mind-set, we have developed a number of ground-breaking innovations in wood floor treatment, from developing the first waterborne floor coatings in the seventies, to the introduction of dust-free sanding and versatile sanding machines.

The Bona Way

At Bona, we are passionate for finding new innovative solutions in all we do. With our constant focus on floor surfaces, health as well as wealth, we are able to offer a comprehensive range of sustainable, high performance products and solutions. Now we have applied our knowledge and know-how to create a totally unique program for caring and maintaining floors with efficiency, speed and simplicity. Do it the right way, the Bona Way.

A Game Changer in Floor Care

Floors come with different types of challenges. From busy airport terminals and round-theclock hotel lobbies that require a pristine appearance, to hospitals and daycare centres that demand the highest levels of hygiene, each require a tailored maintenance routine for best results. Our simple, straightforward service steps, developed by professionals for professionals, deliver simple, effective floor care that extends the life of floors and retains their original appearance for longer.

Cleaning – A Simple Routine

Regular cleaning is the key to a better, longer lasting floor. Bona’s cleaning treatment works effectively, without harming surfaces or the environment. Quick and straightforward with a great result, maintaining floors couldn’t be easier.

Deep Cleaning – Revive and Refresh

Over time and heavy wear, stubborn stains and residue build up, resulting in tired, dull surfaces. An application of Bona PowerRemove R, using Bona PowerScrubber revives resilient floors. The advantage is restored freshness and appearance without the need for renovation or downtime.

Protecting – Bring Back The Lustre

Over time, repeated deep cleaning can diminish the look and quality of any surface. A new protective layer restores the original lustre and prolongs the life of floors. Safe, quick and easy, Bona’s protective treatment restores floors, bringing them back to life in no time. For heavy traffic areas, Bona protecting treatment is recommended in conjunction with deep cleaning. 

Recoating – Restore with Confidence

For floors that are damaged or heavily worn, replacement is the traditional answer. The innovative Bona Recoating treatment is a fast, effective alternative to restore their original beauty and prolong their life. From vinyl, PVC, linoleum to rubber, Bona’s unique and safe recoating treatment provides the perfect surface in a matter of hours.

Unique Method

We call it Recoating, you could call it a brand new floor. Recoating following the Bona Care Program offers the most powerful, effective recoating process for resilient surfaces. Preparation using Bona FlexiSand with our high performance Bona Diamond Abrasives, enables you to achieve the optimal prepared surface in no time, ready for restoration or even a complete redesign.

Transform worn floors

Add a recoat of Bona Pure lacquer over the top for protection and durability and you’ve got a new floor that’s ready for any challenge. To save time, downtime and costs, do it the Right Way, do it the Bona way.

Change the look and colour

For sports floors, design effects or creative looks, our Bona Care Program enables you to add signs, symbols or even change the colour of your resilient surface. With a complete range of RAL/ NCS colours and Bona’s Creative Chips, the design possibilities are endless.

Saving Time and Money

When replacing the 300m2 linoleum floor of a children’s kindergarten in Germany, the demands were a safe, healthy environment that would be ready for action after a weekend. Instead of a traditional method, which involves removal of the old floor, sanding of the subfloor, priming, levelling and finally installation and welding of the floor, which would take 3 professional floor contractors 6 days, the Bona Recoating method took just 3 days. This resulted in savings, not only on downtime, but also on costs with the reduction of man hours from 144 to just 72 hours.

  • Reduce downtime
  • Increase jobs
  • Healthy work environment

300m2 Kindergarten floor surface

Thanks to the unique benefits of Bona’s revolutionary resilient floor solution, renovation following the Bona Care Program is safe, sustainable and up to 50% faster than full floor replacement.

Amazing Results with Bona

Business Area, Stuttgart

Due to heavy traffic within these busy premises located in Stuttgart’s business district, in Germany, a full replacement of the worn surface was impossible. After contact with a number of contractors, it was also considered too expensive.

Thanks to Bona’s Recoating Treatment, the surface was fully renovated over the weekend for a fraction of the cost, complete with a stunning transparent over coating as a final step.

Bona Unique Advantages


  • Renovation reduces environmental impact
  • Improved indoor hygiene
  • Lacquers are waterborne


  • Renovation saves time compared to installing a new floor
  • Long term durability with minimal downtime
  • Partial floor repairs possible


  • On demand look – a new colour or a clear coat
  • Possibility to change from solid colour to flakes
  • Slip resistant, hygienic and attractive surface

A World of Possibilities

With the Bona Care Program’s resilient solutions, there are no limits. Whatever the floor type, restoring it to its former beauty couldn’t be easier or more effective when following our unique treatment program. From changing the colour or design of an existing floor, to full renovation including hard-to-reach areas, you can rely on Bona for an outstanding result.

Restore and add colour

Whether it’s the replacement of worn markings on a sports floor, or a timely interior design update, the Bona Care Program offers a complete range of RAL/ NCS colours for resilient surfaces. For floors with interest, create unique design effects using Bona Creative Chips.

Signs and symbols

Adding images and symbols to your resilient floor couldn’t be easier. Bona offers a wide range of colours and pre-designed shapes within the Bona Care Program’s range of resilient solutions.

For challenging situations

Thanks to the outstanding flexibility of the Bona Care Program, uneven surfaces and hard-to-reach areas, such as stairs, corners and round studded floors are no longer a challenge.

Quick and Safe Renewal

Give damaged and heavily worn floors a new lease of life with Bona’s effective recoating treatment. Thanks to our straightforward process, the perfect surface can be achieved in a matter of hours without the downtime, costs and inconvenience of a new floor. Even dramatic makeovers and colour changes can be achieved easily, with outstanding final results.

Suitable for all types of resilient floors, Bona’s recoating treatment involves abrading with Bona Diamond Abrasives and deep cleaning using Bona PowerScrubber, followed by an application of Bona Pure, a protective lacquer, for durability and a perfect surface.

When recoating a surface using Bona’s unique recoating treatment, you have the possibility to create a whole new floor experience with new vibrant colours.

Bringing Floors Back to Life

Thanks to the Bona Care Program great results can be achieved. Resilient floor surfaces can easily be restored by scrubbing and pre-cleaning, using Bona Remove R in combination with the Bona FlexiSand and Bona PowerScrubber. Finally, a protective layer of Bona Shield R makes all the difference, enhancing the shine and prolonging the life of the surface. Bona Shield R is a ready-to-use, water-based product that forms a protective layer on resilient floors.

Heavy traffic and the build-up of dirt and residue can leave floors looking dull, tired and lacklustre. Bona’s unique deep cleaning treatment works hard to remove stubborn stains and restore the freshness and appearance of a range of surfaces, from PVC, to Linoleum, without the costs and downtime associated with full renovation.

The powerful action of Bona PowerScrubber combined with the highly concentrated, slightly alkaline formula of Bona Remove R works deep down, removing stubborn stains and layers of cleaning residue. Safe, effective and suitable for all kinds of flooring, Bona’s Deep Clean Treatment leaves floors looking fresh and revived.

Clean Floor Satisfaction

With regular cleaning it is possible to preserve the quality, durability and extend the lifetime of resilient floors, not to mention maintain a clean, healthy indoor environment. The Bona Care Program is a unique, effective method that delivers quick, efficient cleaning with a guaranteed fantastic result.

Bona Clean R60 provides gentle cleaning care with a shiny protective sheen, bringing out the best in a wide range of resilient floor coverings. The highly concentrated, alkaline formula of Bona Clean R50 takes the hard work out of stubborn stains and is suitable for both manual and machine jobs.

All Bona products are formulated to provide outstanding performance without the use of harmful chemicals, making them ideal for everyday use, for every environment.

Solutions That Make it Happen

Bona offers the most comprehensive range of solutions. From machines and abrasives, to lacquers and finishes, you can rely on Bona for the best possible selection of tools and products for the job.

Passion for Wood Floors

Established in 1919, Bona is a world leading innovator with a unique system for wooden floor treatment. Through subsidiaries and distributors we have local presence in more than 90 different countries enabling us to be close to our customers and craftsmen.

Our long commitment and passion for wooden floors enable us to offer lasting, sustainable results that meet all wooden floor needs for professionals and floor owners alike.

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