Every Prestigious Installation Needs Workhorses

06 Aug Every Prestigious Installation Needs Workhorses

As South Africa’s only 7-Star hotel, Sol Kerzner’s One&Only that recently opened at the Waterfront in Cape Town has employed some spectacular interior finishes and designs, including purpose made floorcoverings to meet the most exacting demands of this prestigious building.

With most prestigious buildings, however, there is always a hive of activity and a myriad of operations behind the scenes in what is known as the back of house areas, and the One&Only is no exception.

One of the major suppliers for these cleaning rooms, store rooms, laundry areas, passages and staff offices hidden away from the public gaze, was FloorworX, South Africa’s largest supplier and manufacturer of high quality vinyl floorcoverings.

Over 900m of FloorworX Superflex 2,0mm fully flexible vinyl floor tiles were used in these areas, supplied in Ash Grey and installed by Albert Carpets of Cape Town using an acrylic adhesive.

Superflex is also available in sheet form, where it is also supplied together with matching welding rod. Manufactured to SANS standards, these fully flexible floorcoverings are available in 20 selected colours and provide high standards of performance and durability.

To accommodate the needs of the computer equipment in the IT room, 70m of FloorworX SD flexible homogenous antistatic tiles (608mm x 608mm) were also installed by Albert Carpets.

The conductive properties of FloorworX SD are assured over the lifetime of the product, providing permanent antistatic properties in accordance with EN 649, and electrical resistance to comply with EN 1081.

Highly durable, FloorworX SD can withstand static and dynamic loads, has a good resistance to chemicals, and is fully hygienic, which is why is it in regular demand for hi-tech applications in electronics and telecommunications areas, computer rooms, operating theatres, radiology and clean rooms.

The One&Only represents yet another superb installation using FloorworX high-quality vinyl floorcoverings even though they are not on general display!

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