FloorworX App Published on AppStore

22 Jan FloorworX App Published on AppStore

The App has most of the bells and whistles of our MySpec App such as Specifying options, plus we’ve thrown in some additional features such as Maintenance Specifications and Product Presentations.

In addition to the much expected information such as About Us, Contact Us, Image Gallery and Sustainability, the FloorworX App gives you access to Specifying and Browse Options which provide you with the choice of either viewing our product ranges by category or viewing product swatches by range colour. With a tap or drag of the finger you can easily zoom in, pan out, and even rotate these samples. From the Browse Options, you can easily navigate to Specifying and/or Maintenance Options. The App is a perfect Specifying tool and should be used by all Architects and Specifiers, Interior Designers and Flooring Contractors.

To get the App, you can search for “FloorworX” within the AppStore or by clicking on these links to our App in the SA and UK AppStore:

SA: https://itunes.apple.com/za/app/floorworx/id585166144?mt=8


Marketing Manager, Theresa Venter says: “The time is right to provide our customers with flooring solutions via use of technology. We think this App can be a game changer for our industry.”

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