FloorworX Uses GREEN Transport Suppliers

06 Jun FloorworX Uses GREEN Transport Suppliers

“We’re now doing things right,” says Rory Kirton, Sales Director, a key driver of the project along with Eric Corbishley, Joint Chief Executive Officer of Triton Express. “We run an all Volvo fleet because of the delivery service levels we can achieve with this reliable truck. It is now that we can take this to the next level and be part of the global drive towards environmentally favorable transport” boasts Eric.

At a launch event held recently at the Johannesburg head office, Rory explained the background to this ambitious project; “We wanted to examine our company and its impact on the environment and we needed to decide what to do in order to head in the right direction in terms of reducing our carbon footprint. In fact we would like to become the benchmark in the transport industry.”

Rory paused to quote an African prophecy; “Only after the last tree has been cut down, only after the last river has been poisoned, only after the last fish has been caught, only then you will find money cannot be eaten.” And it was this sentiment that led Triton to examine their environmental profile and to find that they were generating 280 000 pieces of paper to service their express courier business each month. As a solution to this, Triton has reduced their waybill from a 6 part document to a 4 part document thus saving 1.2 million sheets of paper in a year. “We also ask our clients to go on line and retrieve the information they need regarding their consignments and proof of deliveries on line.”

“It is not only about paper,” Rory continues, “we dispose of our oils in an environmentally friendly way through the ROSE foundation of South Africa, with regard to other waste products, Interwaste will be helping us with the disposal of all recyclable waste. Fuel supplier Sasol will supply us with 50 ppm low sulphur diesel along with the supply of lubricants. All these small things will have an impact and by partnering with the right companies, every element comes together and we can make a combined impact.”

Eric Corbishley adds his comments “Then we looked more closely at our truck fleet and it was here that we felt we could comply with current European standards. We decided to purchase the first Volvo Euro 5 13 litre engine vehicles in South Africa. Volvo has always been a leader in environmental care and we discovered that this Euro 5 unit is 7½ times cleaner than the Euro 3 version.”

“Volvo is a good business partner and I am convinced with the release of these trucks we are making the right decision for the future,” Eric explains. “Furthermore we consulted with trailer manufacturer Afrit and were able to design a prototype trailer offering improved payload and volumetric capacity whilst reducing weight. These trailers are made with a composite material and the only timber used is in the floor panels, therefore ensuring that there is not excessive use of timber and deforestation Our other suppliers such as BPW axles, Wabco and Bridgestone have been able to offer innovations that all contribute towards lower weights and greater efficiencies in vehicle combination performances.”

Rory Kirton takes up the Triton story,”We pride ourselves on the relationships that we have with our customers. We aim to treat each customer as a partner and no matter what size their company, they are equally important to us.”

Local Volvo President for Area Southern Africa, Anders Lindblad says “Volvo’s aim is to be ranked as the best in our industry in terms of environmental care.”

In short the Volvo Euro 5 engines offer good fuel economy, high power and torque ratings and above all they are eco-friendly. The vehicle will operate on regular service intervals with standard lubricants.

FloorworX is proud to be associated with Triton Express.

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