FloorworX Wins Gauteng Exporter of The Year Award

21 Nov FloorworX Wins Gauteng Exporter of The Year Award

Earlier this year, the JCCI (Johannesburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry)/(NafcocJCCI) sent out application forms for the Gauteng Exporter of the Year Awards.

FloorworX along with other exporting companies responded and fill out all relevant information. The entries were separated into four categories:

  • 1. Export Services
  • 2. Small Manufacturing
  • 3. Medium Manufacturing
  • 4. Large Manufacturing

From the relevant info supplied by the applicants, candidates were sorted into financial groups (FloorworX falls into the ZAR 20.0 million to ZAR 200.00 million group), and a short list was compiled using the below criteria:

Sustained Export Drive:

  • – Increase in % of exports compared to previous years
  • – Exports as contribution to company profits
  • – Effort to handle volatile rand
  • – Staff training
  • – Increased employment
  • – Contribution to social and environmental awareness

Creative use of resources
Breakthrough in a new or particularly difficult market
Introduction of product/processes/service specifically for export
Outstanding/creative export marketing

Short listed candidates of which FloorworX was one, were visited by a judging panel consisting of prominent members of (NafcocJCCI) who all have a long association with South African/Worldwide exports and some are contracted to the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) – an international body who construct, review and amend international laws used by all transport sectors, importers, exporters, traders and multi-national corporations Worldwide- the association who govern the Worldwide movement of goods and commerce.

The judges then compiled another short-list of suitable candidates from the abovementioned interview process.

Other industry professionals contracted to (NafcocJCCI) then scrutinised the latest short list in order to compile a final short list.

FloorworX made it through to the final 13 in our very first year of competition.

The finalists each received a certificate for their achievement.

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