19 Jan Imagine

Imagine 2017 is the core concept for the FloorworX Trend Guide (#FXTG2017) this year. Whether it’s turning promises about climate change into action, rebuilding trust in the financial system, or connecting the world to the Internet, there is no doubt that global challenges affects both the public and private sectors. Now, more than ever before, the world needs creativity. Open the door to creative thinking (and doing!) in 2017. Imagine 2017 will influence this year with inspirational trends and ideas. Stretch your imagination muscle and join us!

With the world facing multiple crises, it is now imperative that leaders and business encourage creativity at every level. Creativity is, after all, the mother of innovation and both are critical to the future of our planet. Creativity powers positive change – in our minds, in our environments and finally in our world. Creativity, powered by imagination, can lift us up above circumstances into a realm of solution-based thinking. Solution-based thinking benefits everything and everyone. Join FloorworX, your flooring solutions provider, in a new way of thinking in 2017 and just imagine the possibilities!

“Imagine all the people, sharing all the world.” John Lennon

What defines imagination? Imagination is the faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses. It also defined as the ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful. What defines creativity? Creativity is a mental and social process that is stimulated by insight-conscious and unconscious. It powers ideas, concepts, associations and innovation. Innovation, in turn is the successful and positive exploitation of new ideas – it’s the profitable outcome of the creative process involved in generating and supplying new products and services that are viable, desirable and necessary. Who devises and implements these new or highly imaginative innovations, concepts & technologies? Imagineers! Awaken your inner imagineer, and Imagine 2017 with FloorworX and FXTG2017!

FXTG 2017 takes you on a magical adventure where your imagination can run wild and you get to feel like a child again. We have taken the seriousness out of presentation and decided to be whimsical, whilst still remaining realistic and relevant. We translated these trends into a host of fantasy themes. Whilst we understand that these trends and palettes are open to interpretation based on the applications, we hope FXTG 2017 will inspire you to imagine projects with our incredible floor coverings.” Theresa Venter – FloorworX Marketing Manager

Design without boundaries and stretch the application of both colour and materials. The secret to the future lies in our creative power!

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