Interior Design & architectural trends 2015/16 2

24 Feb Interior Design & architectural trends 2015/16 2

Recent years have seen an integration of external space with internal space, especially here in South Africa with our fantastic climate. Continuing in this direction, the bathroom will become a far more important space and in many cases, where possibly even open up onto private areas of the garden. Outdoor showers have already gained popularity and we will now see indoor baths and showers with large windows and doors that almost open up completely to the outside elements. In a similar fashion, bedrooms will have more open plan bathrooms where the bath or shower is an actual feature rather than a purely functional element that needs to be hidden away. The bedroom / bathroom becomes an integrated area with the focus on relaxation and wellbeing, almost like a health spa.

Energy conservation will play a hugely important role on the aesthetics of a structure, whether it is a home or an office block. Windows will be larger and in many cases we will see entire glass walls evolve. These huge transparent areas capitalise on utilising natural light, especially in the cooler months where heating systems have just become astronomically unpractical both cost wise as well as ecologically. New technologies and specialised alarm systems make these large glass expanses exceptionally secure without having to have additional burglar proofing which is mostly an eyesore.

Interior styling will be focused on personal interest and experiences, where a combination of styles and pieces will be the direction for many homes. Our daily lives are driven by technology and we cannot fight this, it is part and parcel of work and life. In our personal space however, namely our homes, we strive for a little more carte blanche, individuality and freedom. The trend is towards mixed styles and pieces, from classical pieces to ultra modern, the story that the pieces have for us on a personal level override any style trends. As an individual we strive to be different and unique within our living spaces. This is somewhat of an anti-trend although many key attributes such as walls and floors will follow the tactile aesthetic of being true to materials.

Curtains and window treatments have certainly seen a decline in popularity over recent years and this trend will continue. Roller blinds are the order of the day and for those that can afford it, these too can be automated. We also see shutters being popularised, giving a summer holiday home appeal, and these can be used over windows and doors and even as room dividers.

Separated-the-indoor-bathroom-outside-with-a-glass-wall-shower-area-plus-freestanding-bathtub-beside-stylish-vanity-cabinet-also-stoned-fence-outdoors  Wire-frame-pendant-light BB1 beauteous-modern-glass-house-design-from-david-jameson-architect Briliant-Eclectic-Living-Room ddf-spectacular-cozy-apartment-living-room-with-blinds eclectic-home-interior-design-l-shaped-purple-sofas-arch-lamp fresh-minimalist-luxury-bathroom-design-open-space-shower-enclosure-open-airy-bathroom-indoor-garden-solid-surface-top-vanity-unit-rectangle-acrylic-vessel-with-mounted-chrome-faucet-wood-framed-recta GlassHouse6atnight Modern-bathroom-with-large-windows

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