Parquet designs can be flexible

28 Sep Parquet designs can be flexible

Parquetry dates back to the mid to late 1600’s and is recognisable by its highly regular, geometric patterns. With parquetry, designs and images are made using blocks or strips of wood. Some common parquetry forms used in furnishing and flooring include squares, sunshine, stars, triangles and lozenges. One of the most popular current parquet patterns is the herringbone pattern.

Patterns can be enhanced by contrasting wood stains. These different colours, tones and grains add to the overall effect of the parquet flooring. At one time parquet floors were glued to the subfloor using hot bitumen, but are glued down using a cold adhesive in modern day installations.

Designers are only limited by their imagination when it comes to parquet floor designs and styles. You can choose from the more traditional styles such as herringbone and block patterns, or you can go for a completely original custom design that is one of a kind. Your final design can be as funky, sentimental or as classic as you like.

Nando’s in Banbury Cross in Johannesburg recently received a custom chevron parquet pattern that was made from unfinished Suntups wide board planks. The successful design and installation were done by Décor Parquet, a Bona® certified craftsman and installer of Suntups Real Wood Floors. These types of installations need specialised installers so it is critical to ensure that the installer you select has the relevant expertise to design and install a custom parquet pattern to perfection. FloorworX is also available to assist with custom parquetry and to direct interested customers to installers like Décor Parquet that can assist with bespoke parquetry solutions.

Marco Buffa, Managing Director of Décor Parquet in Johannesburg, says the company’s vision at Décor Parquet Floors is to uphold and revive traditional skills and old school carpentry, bringing Europe into South African Homes.

“Having worked with specialists in the Parquetry field, we are able to offer a specialised service creating bespoke flooring and wooden medallions, turning each installation into an heirloom,” says Marco.

Pre-designed Suntups Parquet Patterns in eight traditional parquet patterns, using Suntups Unfinished Oak planks, are also available. The patterns include single and double herringbone, brick, triple insert, Quattro, block, basket weave and Oxford.

“Parquetry looks extremely expensive, but it is in most cases the same price as having a normal engineered floor installed – depending on the intricacy of the design. With the main advantage being that it adds value to your project, warmth while being hygienic and easy to maintain,” concludes Marco.

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