Why Geometric Patterns Are Popular

08 Jul Why Geometric Patterns Are Popular

IAN:     When it comes to interior design, it’s always key to keep an eye on trends. Right now, geometric patterns are becoming increasingly popular.

DAVE: We’re starting to see them popping up everywhere from television shows to the pages of popular magazines.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t embrace current designs. When it’s done correctly following trends is a great way to give your rooms a modern and incredibly polished look. Today we’ll tell you how to incorporate these patterns into your interiors in ways that you’ll love.

THERESA: Here’s the thing about trends, whether they’re related to interior design or otherwise, they do not exist in a vacuum. If you look around at other areas of visual design – art, fashion, or beauty tends, for example – you will see that they all tend to share common threads in terms of what styles are popular.

DAVE: Popularity is also cyclical. Those who have been around for a few decades will start to notice that styles from their childhood are suddenly in Vogue once again, though often interpreted with a fresh and modern twist.

Right now, the groovy seventies are back in full swing, on runways and in the interiors of our homes. For a modern take on seventies style use larger patterns that are paired with saturated colours.

THERESA: Patterns are absolutely key and, in particular, geometric patterns are the way to create a room that meets all of interior design’s basic requirements while looking incredibly modern.

DAVE: The first thing to decide on while you’re putting together your design vision is which parts of the design you will choose as your patterned pieces.

As far as visual interest is concerned, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what we’re going to recommend hey Theresa!

THERESA: Are you referring to Flooring Dave? Great interior design is all about understanding which elements of the room should play a dominant role and which should act as more of an “assisting” feature. You know by now that flooring is my canvas and more often than not the number one interior product that influences the direction I choose to take in terms of décor.

DAVE: It should go without saying that patterns should be more of an accent role. Imagine how overwhelming it would be if a room was full of pattern, there would be no place for your eyes to rest. Instead, focus on choosing one or two design elements that could benefit from a few pops of pattern and make those the focus of the space.

 THERESA: Look, there’s nothing quite as boring as setting eyes on a space that includes wall-to-wall neutrals. So, you’ve given the listeners a great tip for those who are looking to stay on a tight budget. Since patterns, and geometric designs in particular, pack such a big visual punch, less is more and a little can therefore go a long way, provided you’ve selected the appropriate visual interest.

The FloorworX Wood Floor Manager has just completed his new Suntups parquet Patterns also known as herringbone wood designs.

There are 9 traditional parquet patterns in this range to choose from. These patterns are designed from wood in our Oak range but for orders over 500m2 we can do it in many other species. The benefits of ordering from our Oak range is the fact that all the wood for each deigns is already calculated and installation components are supplied accordingly. Oak can also be sealed natural or stained to any colour required.

 This design is suitable for hotels, restaurants and home owners looking for a unique look.

 DAVE: The common applications of pattern-use are always wall decor and accent elements. Think patterned throw pillows or blankets for your couch. Or a patterned shades to adorn your table lamps. If you love wall art, consider choosing pieces that feature a geometric look.

However, now you’ve given us a flooring alternative!

 THERESA: If you wanted to make a more powerful statement with pattern-work, then a herringbone wood floor design would be the way to go in order to add instant visual interest. These particular floor designs are deemed classic and timeless and thus your investment in this wood would last forever.

 DAVE: In the world of interior design, geometric patterns are becoming increasing popular. If you’re looking to redesign the rooms of your home, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy into this trend.

IAN: Visit the FloorworX Wood Division and Steven Suntup will show you why everyone loves these designs and how to integrate them seamlessly into your space.

For more info, contact FloorworX on info@floorworx.co.za

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