IAN:     Trend Alert! Grey hardwood floors are exploding on Pinterest.

THERESA: Well done for noticing Ian!!

Everybody knows what a fashion editor looks like. She’s dressed all in black, with pointy shoes and a pointy haircut to match. Perhaps she is wearing sunglasses and carrying a handbag — they are both black too.

That might have rung true once upon a time but, after a brief spell when all they wore was camel and navy, nowadays those editors are head to toe in grey!

All jokes aside – I read an interesting article last week Friday on Elle Décor re: Grey Hardwood Floors That Would Look Amazing in Your Home and thought I had to share with you because FloorworX has a great variety of grey wood, laminate and LVP floors.

According to the article, hardwood floors in particular are trending on Pinterest with Pins around this unexpected floor color increasing over 20 percent since last year alone.

I think it’s obvious that South Africa will follow suit next spring since we’re a season behind Europe.

DAVE: Minimalist interior design has long been popular—especially in Scandinavia—but people are truly embracing the less-is-more aesthetic these days, trading in bright colors for shades of gray in their homes. Case in point: We’re pretty obsessed with how they look, too.

IAN: I’m sure you’re going to tell us how to pull it off…

DAVE: let’s talk colour first…

THERESA: I’d like to know your thoughts on what colour would compliment a grey floor best?

DAVE: Pastels look great with grey. However, Grey floors and white walls allow you to get more colorful with the rest of your decor. Pink couch, anyone?

THERESA: I can’t get over how good mint green accents look with grey flooring. Mint green is relaxing, pretty, eclectic, a bit bohemian and sometimes even a little masculine, depending on how you style the space, of course.

DAVE: Putting color in your home can be a big commitment, but that doesn’t mean you should stick to all-beige-everything. To choose the perfect colors for your home, you only need to know two things: There are warm and cool colors. Warm colors are stimulating and work really well in the social rooms of your house, such as the living room, dining room and kitchen. Cool colors are more calming and work best in private rooms where concentration, tranquility and rest are most important, like the bedroom, office and nursery.

THERESA: Grey flooring is an elegant neutral that’s a base for contemporary, modern and urban interior decor. Different shades and hues of grey blend well with a variety of colors, and understanding the undertones in your floor color is necessary before you surround it with complementary colors. Grey is subtle, sets the tone for a room, and quietly adds depth to its surroundings. If you have grey flooring, the complementary color spectrum is wide open.

IAN: Where can our listeners see what FloorworX has to offer in terms of grey flooring?

THERESA: It’s always best to visit www.floorworx.co.za and click on our wood tab right at the top. Here you’ll have access to all 15 wood, laminate and LVP ranges on offer from FloorworX.

Phone 0861 833 338 and speak to a flooring consultant who can assist with establishing which rage would be best depending on area of use. Actual samples can be viewed on request and these can either be seen at our showroom in Steeledale OR alternatively we will recommend a flooring contractor who will deliver those to your home.

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