FlooworX Wood Floor Sealer

About This Product

FloorWorx Wood Floor Sealer is a durable sealer based on an acrylic resin with excellent abrasion and mar resistance for interior wooden floors

– Low gloss base.

– Environmentally friendly with a low odour.

– UV resistant, with good fungal protection.

– Water resistant – Prevents water penetration and allows water vapour permeate.

– Non-Yellowing.

– Excellent adhesion and abrasion resistance.

– Water based (Hydro-technology) – easy cleaning and quick drying.

Interior wooden floors.

Mixing: Stir thoroughly with a flat paddle to an even consistency. Stir occasionally during use.

Method: Roller, brush or airless spray gun.

Thining: Not recommended

Thining: Remove as much of the product as possible from the application equipment before cleaning with water.

Application Conditions:

Surface Temperature:

Min:   5ºC
Max:  40ºC

Ambient Temperature:

Min:   5ºC
Max:  40ºC

Relative Humidity:

Min:   10%
Max:  85%

Drying Time:

Touch Dry:

30min – 1h at 23ºC


4h at 23ºC

Hard Dry:

24h at 23ºC

Note: higher temperatures will accelerate the drying times (approximately halved for every 10C increase) whilst lower temperatures will retard the drying times (approximately doubled for every 10C decrease).


2 – 4 Coats



– Keep out of reach of children.

– Ensure to maintain good ventilation during application and drying process.

– Wear a suitable dust mask if sanding.

– In case of skin contact, wash with soap and water or a recognised skin cleaner. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of contact with eyes rinse immediately with running water and seek medical advice

– If product is ingested drink plenty of water or milk. Do not induce vomiting at any time. Seek medical advice.

– To avoid any risk of spillage, always transport in a secure upright position.

FlooworX Wood Floor Sealer Data Sheet

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