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flotex® Flocked Flooring is a completely unique textile flooring that combines the hard wearing and durable characteristics of a resilient floor with the quality, warmth and comfort of a carpet. flotex®  consits of a solid vinyl reinforced base layer into which a densely flocked surface of nylon 6.6. fibres are firmly anchored.

flotex® is extremely dimensionally stable and has the optics of a textile floor covering, whilst being as functional and durable (as well as easy to clean) as any resilient floor covering. flotex®is available in both sheet and tile format.

flotex® is a choice, not a compromise. The anti-microbial sanitized® treatment on flotex® ensures consistent protection against bacteria without degeneration through cleaning or vacuuming. It also suppresses the growth of dust mite populations. Therefore flotex® has a positive impact on the lives of allergy sufferers even more as daily vacuuming cleans away twice as many allergens compared to conventional carpets. This is why flotex® carries the British Allergy Foundation seal of approval.

  • – flotex® provides up to 20dB impact sound reduction
  • – Impervious backing suitable for wet cleaning
  • – flotex® is slip resistant both when wet and dry
  • – Over 70 million nylon 6.6 fibres per m²
  • – flotex® holds allergens and dust to the floor and releases them when vacuumed
  • – Approved by the British Allergy Foundation
  • – Treated with a Sanitized® antimicrobial which gives protection against mould, bacteria and odours

flotex® must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Sub-floors must be level, smooth, hard, clean and dry before laying commences. Uneven, solid or suspended timber floors may need additional preparation to meet the required standard. Where there is direct to-earth concrete it is essential that an effective damp-proof membrane be incorporated. Prior to installation, flotex® must be allowed to relax for 24 hours at a uniform room temperature of between 18°C and 27°C. All sub-floors must be tested for acceptable moisture content in accordance with SANS 10070 prior to the commencement of installation. Note that excessive moisture in the sub-floor will react adversely with the adhesive during the curing period. The recommended adhesive is FloorworX No. 62 acrylic.

DO NOT REVERSE sheets for seaming. Install with arrows all pointing in the same direction. Whenever possible, run the arrows toward the main light source. Install sheets running lengthwise in corridors. Butt factory trimmed edges for seaming. Smooth the seams. Do not use a stretcher or knee kicker on flotex®. Trim the excess material at doorways and walls using a carpet knife or edge trimmer with a hooked blade, and use a bolster to press flotex® firmly into the adhesive after trimming.

Supply and fix 4.3mm thick x 2.0m wide flotex® electrostatically flocked textile sheeting or 5.3mm thick x 500mm x 500mm flotex® electrostatically flocked textile tiles, manufactured in accordance with EN 1307 and laid, in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, in FloorworX No. 62 acrylic adhesive which has been spread using a trowel fitted with an A2 notched blade at a rate of between 5.5m2 and 6.5m2 per litre on a previously prepared Class 1 sub-floor in accordance with SANS 10070, using FloorworX Self Leveller when required, including all cutting and waste. The flooring must be rolled in both directions with an articulated 68kg three-sectional roller immediately after it has been laid into the adhesive. Joins must be tightly butted.

Suggested Specification – flotex®

flotex® Integrity² Product Data

flotex® Complexity Product Data

flotex® Stratus Product Data

flotex® Cirrus Product Data

flotex® Pinstripe Product Data

FloorworX offers a 10 year limited warranty, subject to our terms and conditions, against defective material provided that it is installed and maintained in accordance with our recommendations.


Please Note: This product is for indoor use ONLY.

flotex® Linear Cleaning and Maintenance

Flocke Flooring Poster

SwatchProduct NameProduct CodeNCS Code 1NCS Code 2
GreyIntegrity2350001NCS S 6502-BNCS S 8502-B
SteelIntegrity2350002NCS S 5502-BNCS S 8010-B10G
CharcoalIntegrity2350003NCS S 4502-GNCS S 8500-N
NavyIntegrity2350004NCS S 6502-RNCS S 8505-R80B
CognacIntegrity2350005NCS S 4020-YNCS S 9000-N
MarineIntegrity2350006NCS S 5020-B10GNCS S 8505-B20G
BlueIntegrity2350007NCS S 3005-R80BNCS S 7020-R90B
ForestIntegrity2350008NCS S 3010-Y40RNCS S 8500-N
TaupeIntegrity2350009NCS S 5010-Y30RNCS S 8502-Y
StrawIntegrity2350010NCS S 3010-Y30RNCS S 7020-Y20R
LeafIntegrity2350011NCS S 2005-YNCS S 7020-Y
GraniteIntegrity2350012NCS S 3502-BNCS S 8500-N
SwatchProduct NameProduct CodeNCS Code 1NCS Code 2
GreyComplexity550001NCS S 6020 – BNCS S 6010 – R70B
SteelComplexity550002NCS S 5030 – R90BNCS S 7502 – B
CharcoalComplexity550003NCS S 6020 – B30GNCS S 7502 – B
NavyComplexity550004NCS S 6020 – G70YNCS S 7502 – R
CognacComplexity550005NCS S 6020 – R90BNCS S 5020 – G90Y
MarineComplexity550006NCS S 7020 – R10BNCS S 7502 – B
BlueComplexity550007NCS S 6020 – B30GNCS S 5502 – R
ForestComplexity550008NCS S 7010 – B50GNCS S 6010 – G30Y
TaupeComplexity550009NCS S 7020 – Y50RNCS S 6020 – G70Y
StrawComplexity550010NCS S 5020 – Y40RNCS S 4020 – G70Y
SwatchProduct NameProduct CodeNCS Code
SulphurStratus40001NCS S 7005-Y20R
VanillaStratus40002NCS S 5010-Y30R
SisalStratus40003NCS S 6010-Y30R
FossilStratus40004NCS S 7005-G80Y
SapphireStratus40005NCS S 6020-B
RubyStratus40006NCS S 7500-N
MintStratus40007NCS S 7502-B
OnyxStratus40008NCS 7502-B
MarinaStratus40009NCS S 7010-B30G
HorizonStratus40010NCS S 7020-B
LeatherStratus40011NCS S 7005-Y50R
WalnutStratus40012NCS S 7010-Y10R
LavaStratus40013NCS S 7005-R50B
EclipseStratus40014NCS S 7502-B
StormStratus40015NCS S 7502-B
SwatchProduct NameProduct CodeNCS Code 1NCS Code 2NCS Code 3
SulphurCirrus70001NCS S 7005-Y50RNCS S 6020-Y10RNCS S 6005-Y20R
VanillaCirrus70002NCS S 5010-Y30RNCS S 5010-Y10RNCS S 5030-Y40R
SisalCirrus70003NCS S 6020-Y80RNCS S 6005-Y20RNCS S 4005-Y20R
FossilCirrus70004NCS S6502-YNCS S 5020-G70YNCS S 5005-Y20R
SapphireCirrus70005NCS S6020-BNCS S 5030-BNCS S 4010-R90B
RubyCirrus70006NCS S 6502-BNCS S 8502-BNCS S 6010-Y30R
MintCirrus70007NCS S8502-BNCS S 5030-B30GNCS S 7502-B
OnyxCirrus70008NCS S 8505-R80BNCS S 6020-BNCS S 7502-B
EclipseCirrus70014NCS S 5502-BNCS S 8502-BNCS S 5030-R90B
StormCirrus70015NCS S 5005-R80BNCS S 7502-GNCS S8502-G
SwatchProduct NameProduct CodeNCS Code 1NCS Code 2NCS Code 3
PiccadillyPinstripe65001NCS S8005 B20GNCS S 7020-R90BNCS S 7020-R
CavendishPinstripe65002NCS S 6005-B80GNCS S 7020-R80BS6030-G30Y
WestminsterPinstripe65003NCS S 4502-BNCS S 4050-G90YNCS S 5040-B10G
BuckinghamPinstripe65004NCS S 6005-R80BNCS S 6030-R90BNCS S 7010-Y10R
KensingtonPinstripe65005NCS S 3010-Y20RNCS S 5040-R60BNCS S 3560-Y30R
Oxford CircusPinstripe65006NCS S 4005-Y20RNCS S 7020-Y10RNCS S 5030-Y40R
Covent GardenPinstripe65007NCS S 5005-Y20RNCS S 8010-R90BNCS S 4040-G80Y
SohoPinstripe65008NCS S 4020-Y30RNCS S 5040-G50YNCS S 5040-B10G
MayfairPinstripe65009NCS S 5020-R90BNCS S 5040-BNCS S 8000-N
Hyde ParkPinstripe65010NCS S 5020-G30YNCS S 8010-Y50RNCS S 8502 – Y
PaddingtonPinstripe65011NCS S 4005-Y50RNCS S 7020-BNCS S 4050-R10B
Baker StreetPinstripe65012NCS S 7502-YNCS S 6030-B10GNCS S 5040-G50Y

flotex® Presentation


If an installation is large and material has to be stored on site, the following precautions should be taken:

Storage area must be secure and away from other trades

– Storage area should be clean, dry and environmentally stable (18 ºC – 23ºC)

– Tiles should be stacked at a maximum of 5 boxes per stack on a smooth floor

– Sheeting rolls should stand upright

– No heavy material should be placed on top of rolls or stacked boxes

Please Note: Temperature variations, excess weight or an uneven floor surface will distort the floor material. For more information please contact the FloorworX Technical Department by sending your query to info@floorworx.co.za

Product Selection

flotex® Integrity² offers both subtle colour tones and stylish designs. Tessellation of these tiles creates understated flooring designs. The effect is a subtle, sophisticated linear interior atmosphere. flotex® Integrity² is available in tile form only.

No pattern repeat.

Whether installed in the more familiar tessellated style or the more unusual brick method, flotex® Complexity will add a striking and intriguing effect to any commercial space. The linear design has been created in line with flotex® Integrity² for maximum flexibility. flotex® Complexity is available in tile form only.

No pattern repeat.

The variety of installation methods available for flotex® Stratus opens up countless flooring design options – and when used alongside colours from the contemporary flotex® Cirrus design, the creative options become almost infinite. flotex® Stratus is available in sheet and tile form.

Pattern Repeat: 35cm X 25cm. When placing an order make use of the correct numerical prefix before the colour code to indicate tiles or rolls. Tiles: 5 / Rolls: 2. Example:“540011” for Leather Tiles / “240011” for Leather Rolls.

The flotex® Cirrus design is ideal for large scale installations and also offers a wide choice of fitting methods in tile form for additional flexibility. When used in combination with the flotex® Stratus design, colour co-ordinated solutions can be easily created. flotex® Cirrus is available in sheet and tile form.

Pattern Repeat: 105cm X 200cm. When placing an order make use of the correct numerical prefix before the colour code to indicate tiles or rolls. Tiles: 5 / Rolls: 2. Example:“540011” for Leather Tiles / “240011” for Leather Rolls.

The subtle tailored design of flotex® Pinstripe tiles can be installed in brick bond or tessellated format. The same tile, when laid in a different installation style, produces a very distinctive effect showing the versatility of the design. flotex® Pinstripe is equally at home in offices, retail or leisure environments, as it’s a style that complements contemporary floor spaces, both large and small. flotex® Pinstripe is available in sheet and tile form.

Pattern Repeat: 52.5cm X 50cm. When placing an order make use of the correct numerical prefix before the colour code to indicate tiles or rolls. Tiles: 5 / Rolls: 2. Example:“565012” for Baker Street Tiles / “265012” for Bake Street Rolls.

Please note: Digital and print representations may vary from the actual product. Please order a sample to see the full effect.

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