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Quick-Step® Parquet is a range of engineered wooden flooring that come in a variety of colours, sizes and formats to suit all your tastes. From vivid patterns to king size planks, we have the perfect fit, regardless of your chosen interior design. Our 3 ranges of Quick-Step® Parquet is 100% natural, consisting of three layers of stable, hard and durable wood.

– Effortless installation, thanks to the Uniclic® Multifit click system

– Perfect matching accessories

– Light and sun resistant

– Suitable for underfloor heating

– PEFC certified


Quick-Step® Parquet has a lifetime domestic warranty and a lifetime warranty on the Uniclic® Multifit click system for domestic use, provided that it is installed using Quick-Step® accessories and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is for indoor use only.

Quick-Step® Parquet should be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Quick-Step® Parquet must be allowed to acclimatise for 48 hours at the normal room temperature in the middle of the room where the floor is to be installed. The floor should preferably be installed parallel to how the light enters the room. The ideal environment is a temperature of between 18 and 20°C and a relative air humidity of between 45 and 65%. Flatten any subfloor unevenness of more than 5mm per 2 metres. If installing on concrete, the moisture content may not exceed 2.5%

A fresh screed must dry for at least 1 week per cm thickness up to 4cm and 2 weeks per cm thickness over 4cm, with sufficient ventilation. Concrete must therefore dry out for a minimum of 8 weeks. If installing on a renovated construction, in the case of damp-proof flooring (PVC, Linoleum etc.), Quick-Step® Parquet may be installed over the existing floor covering. In the case of dampopen flooring such as carpet or needle felt flooring, first remove the existing flooring. Always use an underlay. We recommend the use of a Quick-Step®/ Quick-Lay underlay.

If installing on a wooden floor, first remove any existing floor covering. Ensure that the floor is sufficiently stable and any loose parts nailed down and if necessary a levelling underfloor must be installed. Moisture content of the wood must not exceed 10%. It is essential that the creeping space under the wooden floor be sufficiently ventilated (minimum 4cm² total ventilation opening per m²). Install the new panels across planks.

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