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Vinylaire Plus is a multi-layered vinyl floor covering, 1.00mm thick with a 0.10mm thick wear layer, available in sheets 2m wide. The product comprises a compacted under layer reinforced with a glass fibre grid and a printed all-over design that is protected by a transparent wear layer. Vinylaire Plus is compact, heavy duty, durable and primarily designed as a loose lay material. The flooring is antibacterial and anti-fungal, has a group T wear rating and is suitable for medium traffic areas.

– Polyurethane treatment Low cost maintenance VOC compliant
– Low smoke density
– Group T Wear Resistance rating
– Suitable for medium traffic areas

  • Sub-floors must be smooth, hard, clean, (and dry if adhesive is to be used) before installation commences.
  • Uneven, solid or suspended timber floors may need preparation to meet the required standard in terms of levelness.
  • Any sub-floor in a poor condition should be prepared using a suitable smoothing compound (Pavelite) or a reliable self-levelling cementitious product.
  • If the product is going to be bonded to the subfloor then the subfloor must contain a damp-proof membrane and the moisture levels should be less than 60% when measured with a Concrete Moisture Meter. 
  • The material must always be installed at normal room temperature (18 – 27°c). Where possible, unroll the material some hours before use.
  • Although Vinylaire is primarily designed as a loose lay, it can be bonded to the floor by means of either double-sided adhesive tape or alternatively using FloorworX No 2 Acrylic Adhesive.
  • When loose laying product, secure the material around doorways and along two adjacent walls with double-sided adhesive tape or a suitable acrylic dispersion adhesive.
  • Avoid cutting in too tightly as this can lead to bubbling caused by changes in temperature.
  • Allow 12-24 hours after installation before using the floor or moving furniture back in.

Welding the joints can be carried out using Noviweld solvent weld only if absolutely necessary. This will prevent any penetration of moisture and dirt. It is important to seal around wet areas, especially where there is an abundance of water e.g. around baths, basins, toilets and laundries.

All FloorworX products are fully guaranteed against factory defects.

Preventative care

  • Approximately 80% of the dirt and soiling that has to be cleaned off a floor has been trafficked in from outside the building. More than 90% of that soiling can be avoided by the use of an effective entrance matting system. When less dirt is trafficked through the entrance there will be a reduction in maintenance requirements.

Post-Installation clean

  • Floor maintenance begins immediately after the completion of installation. The initial step is to remove any loose dirt or debris using a dry mop, broom or vacuum. Sand and sharp-edged objects may result in irreparable damage being inflicted to the new floor.
  • Clean with a flat mop using a solution of FloorworX Maintain diluted 1:100 with clean water, ensuring that the mop is not too wet as it will leave smear traces.
  • Rinse with clean water using a flat mop and allow the floor to dry.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s dosage instructions regarding the use of cleaning chemicals.

Daily cleaning

  • Sweep / Mop floor as required.

Weekly cleaning

  • Clean with a flat mop using a solution of FloorworX Maintain diluted 1:100 with clean water, ensuring that the mop is not too wet as it will leave smear traces.
  • Rinse with clean water using a flat mop and allow to dry.

Vinylaire Plus  Product Data Sheet


When storing the material the following precautions should be taken:

  • The storage area should be secure, clean, dry and environmentally stable (18 ºC – 23ºC)
  • It is preferable that the Rolls/Packs are stacked upright in a stand that is designed with all-round bracing.  
  • It is not advisable to store the rolls flat as they will compress under the excessive weight which could potentially damage the product.
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