Reinvent The Habitat Project Focus

02 May Reinvent The Habitat Project Focus

Reinvent The Habitat is an initiative by Thorb. Thorb was established in 2016 as a new start-up that aims to set aside conservative notions. It wants to torpedo all the old ideas about home living to make way for new, innovative approaches to building homes. Their mission: “To produce houses for half of the current cost, with 100% home happiness as the basic guiding principle.”

Thorb challenged the Building Industry to present a revolutionary idea for home living.  They were looking for outliers, ground-breaking designs, out-of-the-box thinkers, free-spirited engineers and authentic creations to disrupt the real estate business.

Their Reinvent The Habitat challenge invited anyone in the Netherlands or beyond to submit an innovative idea for home living. The jury for Reinvent The Habitat consisted of Thorb’s founders Rick and Henry and the investors behind Thorb.

Participants had to join the challenge before the deadline date of 31 January 2018 where after the 20 best submissions would have the opportunity to proceed to the next round. Judging criteria was amongst other that the selected design had to contribute innovatively to optimizing home happiness or have the most potential to do so.

What is home happiness?

Maximize home happiness while minimizing the cost of home living. Sounds great, but what exactly is home happiness? Thorb carried out intensive research into home enjoyment. The results show that there are nine happiness factors that jointly ensure home happiness.

Market research shows that the following nine factors influence home happiness:

  • Location
  • Social Interaction
  • Safety & Security
  • Living Comfort
  • Green Facilities & Garden
  • Finances
  • Privacy
  • Space
  • Technology & Design

Of all these factors, living comfort is the most important in determining how comfortable people feel in their ‘habitat’. On average, respondents score their general home happiness seven out of ten. But if you consider that you spend some 40% of your income on living costs, then surely this score should be more like a nine or a ten?

From the 20 selected submissions, organisers selected a further 3 entries to proceed to the final round during which the homes would actually need to be constructed and lived in for 3 months in order to determine if the participant’s revolutionary idea will prompt people to raise their home happiness scores to a nine or a ten.

160 entries were received from more than 10 countries.  South-African company, Raw Module Architecture & Planning also entered the Reinvent The Habitat challenge and unanimously won first prize for their contemporary custom house built in The Cradle of Humankind in just 30 days.

Raw Module’s 30 day project officially kicked off on Monday 5 November 2018 and finished on schedule, 30 days later.

Raw Module approached FloorworX MD, Dr. Donald Platt to enquire about wood flooring for their project. FloorworX recommended Quick-Step Imperio Nougat Exotic Oak Oiled engineered wood floors. The oak in this collection features a subtle variation of shade as well as significant knots, which highlight the rustic appearance of this oak.

The Quick-Step Imperio collection is a 1-strip, micro bevel product with a brushed surface texture and matt finish. The joints on all four sides of the plank give added prominence to the large plank effect.

The Quick-Step Imperio collection comes with an unrivalled plank size of 2200mm by 220mm. The long and wide planks of the Quick-Step Imperio collection lend your room an untold sense of depth and exclusivity, highlighting the authenticity and craftsmanship of real wood. For every floor FloorworX offer, you can find a full collection of accessories, including underlays, finishing profiles and skirting boards that perfectly match the colour of your floor.

Quick-Step Imperio is suitable for use in bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens, lounges and on stairs; as well as above underfloor heating. With a lifetime warranty and easy cleaning – what more could you need from a floor?

Since the announcement of Raw Module’s winning Module concept, Thorb has publicised that they are currently working on the right configuration for the RAW Module concept for the Dutch market. All project parties involved have agreed to build and test this configuration on The Green Village in Delft, Netherlands.

Stay updated about the project’s progress through their blog #Reinvent The Habitat.

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