25 Mar Specialised Sport Feature – SUNTUPS HEVEA SPORTS FLOORING

Suntups Hevea Sports Flooring by FloorworX is a two strip multi-stagger construction timber floor, available in one colour, either pre-finished or unfinished. The colour Beech is available on request.

Suntups Hevea Sports Flooring can be installed either on Elastilon 10mm Sport or on Sprung Battens. Since all boards are in set lengths, batten centres can be set at exact centres to ensure the end of each plank always sits on a batten.

Suntups Hevea Sports Flooring is 22mm thick with plank size 130mm x 2180mm and offers a 9mm re-surface area above the tongue which allows for extra sanding over the years.

Suntups Sports Flooring is recommended for use in gymnasiums, aerobics, basketball courts, squash courts, school halls and other sports flooring and carry a non-slip rating according to EN 14904.

FloorworX recommends using our 40 grit sanded unfinished Hevea timber sports floor plank for Squash which allows for maximum slip resistance.

 Note: Please find attached picture of a basketball court being installed on the Elastilon 10mm Sport mat.


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