Trend 1 – Old Skool

26 Oct Trend 1 – Old Skool

No! We did not spell it wrong. The Urban dictionary explains it as follows:

Derived from “old is kool” becoming “old’s kool” and then becoming “old skool” meaning old is cool.

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South Africa, has so many amazing old buildings, which tell a million stories, it is amazing so see the rejuvenation of many of South Africa’s inner city hubs, which had become rundown and left for ruin. This theme is a celebration of this old architecture, materials and aesthetics. This theme is however not only a celebration of the old but also has a strong focus on another international trend and that is the “new” industrial revolution. This is really a strong reaction to mass production and contrived materials and finishes.


We have all see the strong move towards industrial styling, especially in restaurant design as well as many of the inner city lofts, which are emerging, not to mention retail design. There are a variety of reasons why this is happening and it isn’t because the designers ran of funds halfway through the projects. This is all about a truth to materials and using them in their natural form, from concrete, to exposed brickwork and even exposed light bulbs which hang precariously from their flexes. We see other elements too, such as rusted metal and patina’d copper and brass. It is this colouring as well as the textures that inspired our Old Skool palette.

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We continue to see these colours and textures in many South African arts & Crafts, and lately in some very contemporary design. South Africa, has a strong heritage of tribal crafts and pottery and sculpture in earthy neutral materials, combined with copper and other metals have been the order of the day hundreds of years all the way back to the cave drawings.


This essence of this theme, is the appreciation of materials, textures and colours, from both the past as well as now. It is taking inspiration from these elements and creating a new and fresh design style, which appeal aesthetically to the senses. It is a design style that is sympathetic to its surroundings and blends in, instead of making a bold and brash statement. The statement is made through texture and aged colour.


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