We announce! The FloorworX Trend Guide

26 Oct We announce! The FloorworX Trend Guide




Marketing Manager, Theresa Venter is excited to announce…The FloorworX Trend Guide (FXTG)!

There is currently an exciting buzz and immense amount of creative energy flowing through the corridors of FloorworX. The reason is that we are really excited to announce the launch of our official 2015/2016-trend guide. The concept was trialed four years ago and was an immediate hit with our customers throughout the various categories. We have decided to take this initiative further by making it even bigger and better. In order to do this at the highest level and to make sure we give you, our loyal customer, the very best and most valuable insights and information, we have partnered with one of SA’s best – Dave Nemeth. Recent publications have referred to him as one of the countries leading trend gurus and recently identified him as one of the top creative influencers in the country. We are super chuffed to be collaborating with Dave and look forward to continue to raise the bar at FloorworX.

Our Marketing Team caught up with Dave to find out a bit more about him and what he thinks of his collaboration with FloorworX as well as what you can expect from the FloorworX Trend Guide which will now have its very own acronym FXTG.



Theresa: “So Dave, give us a bit of background about yourself.”

Dave: “Well very briefly: I studied as an Interior Designer and had a variety of roles over the past twenty years; oops did I just give my age away? I eventually went into retail and headed up furniture buying and then became a professional Trend Forecaster for one of the country’s largest retailers. I did in excess of 135 international flights in a 5 year time span. I then moved on to one of the largest furniture retailers as the Merchandise Director and after two years decided to pursue a career in trends, design, business consultation and writing. I presented my very first Trend Report four years ago in Paris to one of the leading agencies in the world today, who were so impressed that they requested me to run their agency here in South Africa. I now do this full time and apart from bringing out an Annual Report, I contribute to a host of publications.”



Lisa: “How do you get all this information?”

Dave: “I wake up every morning and I look into this amazing crystal ball, only joking. I see myself as a sponge and I spend my life researching everything from design, economics, politics, technology and obviously the ever-changing consumer attitudes. I then piece all these common threads together and process this information in manageable informative clumps. We are subject to so much information on a daily basis that it becomes very difficult to absorb all the important stuff amongst all the irrelevant noise.


Theresa: “You have worked with high profile brands both locally and internationally, what are your views on the FloorworX collaboration?”

Dave: “I am again going to come across as somewhat retro, but I remember the brand from all the way back when it was Marley. FloorworX is the leader in flooring solutions, but what really got me excited about working with the brand was the depth of range and products. The range of textures and colours flabbergasted me, as well all the possible opportunities to use these products within the built environment in ways never before envisioned. I have already seen so many opportunities for sectors such as retail, hospitality and even domestic use. When I saw the energy within the FloorworX Marketing Department, all the way through to the Managing Director as well as the Sales Team I knew this was a forward -thinking company that I wanted to be a part of!


Karla: “So tell us more about what our customers can expect from the FXTG?”

Dave: “Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration………….. But it is more than that; it is a means to understand the general direction in which things are moving and to experiment with product. We all take inspiration from some or other source in order to create and innovate, this is the way we see things and this is how we see the flexibility of our products. To get to the core of the FXTG, we have looked at the current trends as well as the product range and translated it – and all its variations – in a new and unique way. “


Lisa: “But why?”

Dave: “I believe that FloorworX has such a vast range of products, which designers and architects need to be experimenting way more with the products that they currently are. We are living in the age of pushing boundaries and innovation. Having spent hours going through the products and colours, I got so excited about the endless possibilities and new creative applications.”


Theresa: “So tell us what you thought would be great? Tell us about these “new” applications?”

Dave: “Well I really don’t want to give too much away right now, as I will be giving monthly feedback and reports on the FloorworX Blog, but I think there is so much opportunity for retail design. The products are so robust and practical and with the retail sector really trying to create the ultimate experience, there is a vast amount of opportunity for the FloorworX Product Collection.”


Karla: “We had so much fun working on FXTG with you, that we think it is only fair to divulge our overriding inspiration and theme for this year. Do you think you could elaborate?”

Dave: “Why on earth are you asking me? It should be up to the creative ladies to explain, oh well here goes. This is all about our own wonderful country, from our amazing light and climate to our amazing creative heritage and diverse styling. We are the real deal! And just to prove it: Cape Town was chosen as design capital of the world for 2014; we really don’t require any more proof. From the bushveld to Cape Dutch architecture and Ndebele design, South Africa has a unique style and design aesthetic. But for now – this is all I’m saying. Watch this space!”






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