7 Steps to a beautiful hardwood deck

09 Oct 7 Steps to a beautiful hardwood deck

Many contractors have trouble with the final decking because of poor preparation, or the contractor’s onsite battle with choosing the correct brushes and installation methods. Not only does the Bona® Decking System provide convenience, affordability, and world class results, the installation is also a fast and ergonomic process.

The Bona® Decking system has a solution for every type of hardwood floor coating aesthetic that a client would want, including shine, colour, slip resistance and durability. The company, which started producing these coatings in the 1970s, has developed a new formula that contains very low amounts of solvents and heavily enhances the protection properties of the coating. This results in decks experiencing less cracking, increased protection against UV bleaching and prevents water penetration.

Protecting decks in two easy steps

An outdoor deck is constantly subjected to variations in the weather, including harsh sunshine, heavy rain and frost. The Bona® Decking system is a fast and convenient, two-step process that cleans and protects the installation from these elements.

Deep cleaning and preparation

Complete cleaning and reviving usually involves a considerable amount of time, money and effort. The Bona® Decking System consists of the innovative Bona® PowerScrubber and the special Bona® Deep Clean Solution, which deep cleans a wooden deck along the grains of the wood to ensure that it is completely free of dust and algae. The cleaning penetrates deep into the wooden fibres, ensuring effective results.


Long-lasting and beautiful protection requires the correct coating. Bona® Decking Oil is a concentrated blend of vegetable oils, modified for superior impregnation and long-lasting protection of wooden decking and other exterior woodwork. It enhances the natural wood grain while protecting against moisture ingress and reducing the potential of wood cracking and warping.

Bona® Decking Oil keeps outdoor decks as good as new as it seeps deep into the wood and gives robust protection to outdoor wooden decks all year round. The new formula greatly enhances the oil’s protective properties, is easy to work with, and it offers large coverage and rapid drying times while preventing cracks and UV bleaching.

7 Steps to a beautiful deck

  1. Flush deck with clean water from a hose
  2. Fill Bona® PowerScrubber with Bona® Deep Clean Solution mixed with clean water (dilution 1:5)
  3. Run Bona® PowerScrubber along the grain of the wood
  4. When all dirt and algae have been removed, flush the deck again with clean water
  5. Leave to dry
  6. Coat with Bona® Decking Oil using a brush
  7. After application of each coat of deck oil, the excess product has to be removed by buffing machines or hand rubbing, using a cotton cloth.

 Follow this link to view a video on a fast and convenient solution to decking revival that involves two unique processes of deep cleaning and protection: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtMsK2B0Y9I&feature=youtu.be

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