Any colours you’re steering clear of?

15 Jan Any colours you’re steering clear of?

Color is kind of tough, if we’re being honest. Or more accurately, a lot can go wrong when attempting to use color in your home, even with the best of intentions.

I am not a fan of the colour yellow. According to colour specialists, yellow is an eye irritant. That said, yellow is the first color the human eye tends to notice so in small doses it may be effective. It can help you draw attention to an item when used as an accent color. Also, using yellow in softer tints or in small quantities may not be such a turn-off.

Any cool international colour trends you’ve noticed? / Any cool international trends you’ve noticed?

Copper is a hue that’s starting to make itself well known in the design industry. This glowing colour doesn’t overwhelm, instead copper makes a very subtle presence while stealing the show.

Because copper has a warm quality and can be finished in different tones, it goes well with nearly any interior design.

Colour combinations you currently love? / Colour combinations you’re loving?

No-fail neutrals such as Sage-leaf, Stone, Cream, Driftwood grey and Grey-blue.

Colours you’re favouring for kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms?


The kitchen stays the centre of any family life and will never lose its importance.

When it comes to the kitchen, neutral paint colours create a strong foundation to which you can add more daring colours.

Neutral kitchens are also easy and inexpensive to update since you’ll just need to swap in some new accessories. They also don’t compete with the light in your room and can make your kitchen feel brighter and bigger. Some popular neutral colours for the kitchen include a classic white, a warm beige, grey – the latest go-to neutral and soothing sage.


Choosing the best colours for your master bedroom can be fun. It’s the most personal space in your home, so let the colours you love be your guide to turn your bedroom into the comforting personal retreat you desire.

Apparently, green is one of the best colours for bedrooms, because it has elements of both warm and cool, and there is a wide range of tints from which to choose.


A combination of stone and wood ceramic tiles in bathrooms are everywhere! It’s my personal favourite! Due to the nature of wood effects, neutral pallets triumph above anything else.

How do you go about putting together a look?

I usually plan my colours for open spaces as a whole. That doesn’t mean the colours in one room need to match the next, but they should complement one another. Picking up accent colours in e.g. my kitchen and incorporating those colours into e.g. my dining room, help create a unified look.

One of your most colourful projects to date? / Your most recent project?

We moved into a fixer-upper home in Centurion end October 2015. Interestingly enough, as much as I love vibrant clothing colours and shoes, I’m not very brave when it comes to decorating with vibrant colours. I prefer neutrals and pastels.

I do however have two little girls, so my most recent colourful project were their pretty in pink bedrooms.

What is currently inspiring your work? / Which trends are inspiring you?

I’m inspired by the Artisanal Trend. At FloorworX we call it our MADE Trend. I love the hand-crafted solid wood furniture and creative “one of a kind” lighting and décor pieces.

Your favourite colours for 2015?

Sage – this blue-tinted green is romantic and restful. I’m definitely decorating my new master bedroom with Sage to match my colour 30YY 58/082 cream walls and beautiful Quick-Step Eligna Wide Reclaimed Chestnut Natural Laminate floor.

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