Bring the Jungle trend home with these 4 useful tips!

22 Feb Bring the Jungle trend home with these 4 useful tips!

With Pantone’s announcement of Greenery as the “Colour of the Year 2017”, one thing is clear – the green trend is here to stay.

The trend carries over from recent seasons, of course but the Secret Jungle trend, as FloorworX calls it, has evolved and developed over the past few years and has surpassed the mere use of houseplants in interiors. In fact, it’s an exciting micro trend for both fashion and home markets resulting in unexpected products between brands that push boundaries and explore a different way of looking at interior design.

One can expect bold and brash colour clashes, vibrant patterns and a lot of mixed materials as fashion makes its mark on interiors. However, the standard palette for tropical touches at home would be the lime green of infant rubber tree leaves, flashes of acid lemon yellow and… you guessed it! Flamingo pink and turquoise!

To get the look, enquire about Quick-Step Livyn Pulse LVPs from FloorworX by calling 0861 833 338. Replica Charles Eames Dining Chair with Stainless Steel Legs available from Red Apple.

Bringing nature into our homes is essential even though it is a design aesthetic we can duplicate via means of plant mimicry, plant accessories, plant inspired furniture, botanical wallpaper and prints as well as floors.

Tip #1

Wallpaper has experienced a great boom – a little bit like houseplants. The story was similar: Both were very popular in the mid-century period up to the 1970s and 80s and then became defunct.

The banana leaf was made popular in the 1940’s when decorator Don Loper designed and installed over 5 1/2 miles of the now iconic, Martinique wallpaper, in the Coffee Room and the hallways at The Beverly Hills Hotel. At the same time Dorothy Draper was beginning a major renovation at The Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia giving us the iconic Brazilliance wallpaper. Truly standing the test of time, the wallpapers remain in both hotels today.

Tip #2

Quick-Step’s new Pulse collection is the floor of the future. Although we still cherish a strong preference for authentic materials, we have noted the emergence of a new movement. Faux has nestled itself snugly among the many fully accepted, frequently spotted and even stylish alternatives. Modern technology is making it possible to realistically mimic very delicate, expensive or difficult-to-apply materials, with practical features we could only dream of before. It also enables designers to use materials in entirely new ways that would have been impossible with the real thing.

Today’s flooring demands extend far beyond looks alone. Our expectations are higher than ever when it comes to comfort and practicality. This is why Quick-Step developed a new generation of vinyl that not only satisfies our practical requirements, but is just as aesthetically pleasing as genuine wooden planks. Opt for a floor with a natural look to create a warm Jungle effect.

Tip #3

For those who aren’t green-fingered, try succulents such as cacti which are hardy and don’t need much sunlight or water. Be clever and buy industrial style planter pots such as glass and metal terrariums. Extra foliage goes a long way to making your living space feel like more of an urban jungle.


There is nothing like the smell, sight and touch of fresh, green nature. However, when there is no time to leave the city, you can have a refreshing stop at Cappuccinos Menlyn (Pretoria) to experience how Restaurant owner, Niki, has gone about having refreshing bits of nature inhabit their café.

Tip #4

When the world of fashion and decor collide – you can expect to see animal prints and exotic palms alongside retro rattans, natural bamboos and concrete furniture which will be taking centre stage as materials. When it comes to lighting, rough fixture lighting such as pendant lighting or exposed bulbs work well with the Secret Jungle trend.

Trend Alert!

Speaking of rattan… Outdoor furniture inside is the hottest trend. Well, not all outdoor furniture. Rattan to be specific. Rattan’s popularity is due, in part, to its availabity. It’s a sustainable choice seeing as its vine regenerates itself every 5-7 years. Secret Jungle is the perfect partner for the rattan trend!

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If you would like to embrace the Secret Jungle trend but aren’t quite ready to make a full commitment, here are a few of my favorite examples of ways to introduce the element into your home NOW.

1. Summer Dress from TopShop R779 2. Gold Pineapple from Mr. Price Home R179.99 3. Green Cushion from Woolworths R180 4. Tablecloth from Woolworths R399 5. Quick-Step Livyn Pulse Luxury Vinyl Planks from FloorworX R329.56 excl. VAT and Installation 6. Indoor plants from Woolworths R250 7.Hurricane Wood & Rope from @Home R259 8.Kids Swimwear from next™ at Foschini R255 9. Ladies shorts from TopShop R699 10. Boys T-Shirt from next™ at Foschini R320 11. Tropical leaf from Mr. Price Home R179. 99 12. Botanical Bird side plate from Woolworths R75.

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