CAMO® Hidden Deck Fastening System

13 Mar CAMO® Hidden Deck Fastening System

CAMO® Hidden Deck Fastening System easily and affordably attaches treated timber, hardwood, pine, composite or PVC deckboards directly to the substructure, creating a fastener-free deck system. CAMO® is available from FloorworX, it is the only commercial, hidden deck fastening system available on the market in South Africa. The patented system includes CAMO® Hidden Fasteners and CAMO® Marksman® tools, together enabling a side-angle entry into the deckboard allowing the screws to be hidden, and securing the deckboard to the joist eliminating board movement.

CAMO® ensures that no pre-drilling is required, as all the screws are self-drilling, with its top feature probably being the fact that no screws are visible on the face of the board. As such, a deck can be sanded when requiring any form of maintenance, which prevents a sanding machine’s rubber from being damaged by surface screws. The only time pre-drilling may be required is possibly on very hard timbers at the joist, and this is achieved using the CAMO jig. It should also be noted that individual boards can be screwed out and screwed in at any time and for whatever reason.

CAMO® screws are comprised of reverse rake tips that remove deck material as it bores, allowing the screw to penetrate the board without splitting and allowing for maximum holding power. Furthermore, the CAMO® unique trimhead design allows for a less visible point of entry, and a star drive offers more points of contact for better performance and reduces bit slippage and wear.

Another unique and innovative feature regarding CAMO® is in the coating of the screw. Two types of screws are available, namely inland and coastal screws. Both types are three-times polycoated, with the coastal screws made of stainless steel to prevent rusting. CAMO® is also available in a narrow- and a wide board jig. Narrow boards measure from 80 mm wide up to 123 mm, while wide board jigs measure between 127 mm to 147 mm. This adds to a variety in width sizes and enables clients to opt for more customised decks.

When purchasing the product, we advise installers to contact FloorworX for any information or advice regarding its usage after purchase.

Good Decking Tip: When opting for a grey deck that hasn’t been treated, please be aware that (especially in inland areas) surface checking (cracking) will occur. This is completely normal, especially for timber on the exposed areas at the top of the boards close to the centre. This is acceptable as long as no through cracks are visible, which will usually start at the end of the board. If there is a through crack, it will have to be cut out and uninstalled, or the board will need to be replaced.”



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