Concrete Living 2017

16 May Concrete Living 2017

This year interior trends are focusing on materials in addition to purely colour or texture. Material forecasts typically consider factors such as potential industry growth, economic impact, and newsworthiness to predict the best innovations for the New Year.

The 2017 forecast of significant material trends, offers a fresh take on the industrial styles of seasons past, and hero amongst other, concrete, which undertook a successful path to commercialisation and adoption and now promise to influence the fields of design and construction this year and beyond. Modern advances in concrete mixing and setting have allowed designers to achieve an endless variety of colour and texture effects using this versatile material.

Let’s look at concrete flooring…

In most cases a concrete sub-floor already exists either beneath another flooring material or as part of a new building. As with all flooring materials it is important to understand the good and the bad, before choosing to strip out other floors and go with bare or treated concrete or just not installing anything that could have been placed over it. As long as the concrete is smooth and free from holes, bumps, and defects, you have the choice of installing any floor surface covering that you want over it at a later date in time which offers a lot of design freedom going forward.

However, there are certain drawbacks to natural concrete flooring. The surface of a concrete floor is very hard and it is therefore not recommended for areas which will be frequented by children or elderly people. Concrete floors are prone to cracking if not properly sealed. Also, keep in mind that concrete floors do not retain heat very well thus the surface of the floor is going to feel chilled against bare toes. If you’re keen on the look of a modern concrete floor but require the warmth and slip resistance of a Linoleum floor underfoot, we recommend you consider Marmoleum Concrete from Forbo, a “to order” product from FloorworX.

The solid marble design of Marmoleum Concrete differentiates itself from the classic Marmoleum flooring with its subtle concrete structure. The color palette is neutral with both warm and cool tones, yet with an extension of 6 bright colors for creating a powerful accent in your floor design.

E-mail info@floorworx.co.za for more information regarding Marmoleum Concrete or visit the FloorworX Marmoleum Webpage here. (Link: http://www.floorworx.co.za/product/marmoleum/)

Now let’s look at concrete accessories…

Not only has retail establishments seen a huge influx of concrete accessories, but also complementing accoutrements such as botanical house plants are in full stock. Green is the perfect partner to the modern ambience of concrete’s grey connotations and the vibrancy of botanicals are always a great addition to the home; so bring them in with abundance!


Tactility is one of the strongest directions for 2017. Merging different natural materials such as raw brick and wood with cement is far becoming the most trendy design foundation #TrendFinder has come across.

wood, concrete and brick

Concrete living gives a nod to cool textures such as muted greiges (which is a grey-beige), grey, deep blue and green hues. On the other hand, soft muted naturals with a hint of mushroom pink and stone will balance the timeless essence of your concrete accessories. We’ve got just the solution that will help to bring this multi-faceted shade into your home and transform your interior.

Explore some of the top local home and living retail distributors of concrete décor and flooring in our Shop the Trend focus.

Shop the Trend - Concrete

1 Filled Candle from Woolworths R199 2. Doorstop from @Home Livingspace R169 3. Concrete Round Tray top from @Home Livingspace R5999 4. Ceiling Cement Pendant from @Home Livingspace R899 5. SW Frank Desk Lamp from Woolworths R1200 6. Concrete Salt & Pepper holder from @Home Livingspace R249 7. Marmoleum Concrete Fossil from FloorworX POA 8. Marmoleum Concrete Asteroid from FloorworX POA 9. Marmoleum Concrete Beton from FloorworX POA 10. Copper Wire Kitchen Towel Holder with concrete base from @Home Livingspace R249 11. Dublin dining table from @Home Livingspace R8999 12. Metallic Candle Silver from Woolworths R160 13. White Flower Fragrance Diffuser from @Home Livingspace POA

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