Gothic Land – Dramatic Elegance

20 Jun Gothic Land – Dramatic Elegance

The typical idea of a Gothic room sends shivers down the spine of most people.

In reality, Victorian Gothic is an architectural style found as early as the 1740s with designs so beautiful and intricate that modern homeowners seek to incorporate these Gothic interior design characteristics into the look and feel of their homes.

The modern Gothic interior design movement offers high-end fabrics in silk, satin and velvet with rich and bold colors, patterns and textures, curved ornate furniture, and plenty of decorative details for your home.

The Gothic style of architecture first took the stage around 1150 AD during the Medieval Period, when it became a significant part of building design. At that time, it was known as “the French Style.”

You can still find many gorgeous examples of the Gothic Style in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe in general and in Paris, France, in particular. The design is most apparent in the Gothic cathedrals which were built to endure for centuries.

Today, these works present modern society with a chance to see the significant ability, the never-ending determination and solid engineering used in creating these awe-inspiring structures. The ‘flying buttress,’ perhaps the most recognised Gothic element today, was created in the medieval era. A perfect example of an early flying buttress can be seen at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.


Flying buttress of the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, France.

Gothic’s ‘pointy’ style was an ornate look used in doorways, chairs and archways in a way that medieval society had not seen before. Architects used symmetry in a proportional manner to balance the gothic room’s space.

Gothic design also introduced the divinely inspired, ecclesiastic style, which represented an era where the Catholic Church had triumphed over paganism throughout Europe. This divine movement created a new age of breathtaking cathedrals, which spurred engineers to invent new building methods to support the extreme mass required for these majestic structures.


So, now when you imagine the Victorian Gothic style, imagine ancient, intricately decorated churches instead of dark, dreary rooms. Picture yourself in a sanctuary with stately stained glass windows with complex designs of trefoils or roses.

Fashion Trend Alert: Stain Glass pattern trend.

Stained Glass

The Gothic design was a vertical style, created by the looming arches and peaks, and as windows grew larger and larger, light came to play a greater role in the style. This increased amount of light and air flow enlivened the once dark and glum feel of Romanesque-era churches.

Victorian Gothic furniture was made of heavy, sturdy oak, and adorned with period designs. The chairs, headboards and cabinetry abounded with arches, legs with spiral turns, and upholstery of heavy fabrics made of dark, majestic colors. For your gothic inspired design, consider retired pieces from an old church, including pews, benches, altar chairs or trestle tables.

With majestic architecture and heavy furniture, the Gothic style lends itself to rich and dark colors. The somber hues of purple, ruby, black, ochre, forest green and gold was the best complement to the rich, majestic air of the furniture and design.

Gothic designs should have some wallpaper if you wish to keep it true to its Gothic roots. Gothic wall covering had heavy patterns of flowers and greenery. Stenciled designs, heraldic symbols and the popular tromp-l’oeil 3D-design affect were common in gothic rooms. Choose from an ornate, patterned wallpaper to create your favorite version of the Gothic style.

For a more traditional Victorian style, consider adding elegant wallpaper with textures and patterns of damask or brocade.

If wallpaper seems like too deep a commitment to make, or you just prefer un-papered walls, then consider going bold with paint in rich hues such as emerald green, deep burgundy, ruby red or a dark ocean blue.

Use black, sparingly or in moderation. You do not want to fall into the Gothic stereotype of a dark, haunted mansion. Focus on the rich, dramatic colors of this era.

Additionally you can also paint your walls in flat colors to simulate a stone surface and then cover the walls with tapestries.

Do not be afraid of being dramatic in your gothic inspired interior design, but keep it elegant. This is not a design for the timid or understated, so drape those high-end fabrics! Draperies should also be adorned with opulent tassels, tiebacks and a fringe. These embellishments add another layer of drama to your decor, helping to achieve an opulent Victorian Gothic home.

The flair for drama continues with the choice of accessories. Victorian Gothic homes are always adorned in layers of ornate accessories. When shopping for accoutrements for your home, consider all the possibilities and hunt for pieces that contain heavy wrought-iron, metal, wood, or stone. Design your gothic room with lots of decorative details. Items such as pottery bowls, carved wooden sconces, and wrought-iron lamps are all wonderful items to display on shelves and tables. Ornately carved stone statues, huge wrought-iron chandeliers and heavy area rugs, can add that final piece-de-resistance to your Victorian Gothic decor. Don’t forget to add to place a gargoyle in your Victorian Gothic entryway!

To incorporate this opulent style into your home, here are several Gothic inspired interior design ideas and references as to where you can “Shop the Trend”.

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