Silver – the anchoring metallic of 2018

11 Jan Silver – the anchoring metallic of 2018

Despite everyone being greyed out at the beginning of 2018, grey is the color that pulls the silver trend palette together. Metallic silver is a colour tone resembling grey. The undertone of this neutral hue is not particularly warm or cool which makes it an even more versatile shade to play with. It is safe, familiar and timeless. A classic that will never go out of fashion. The best part? It works wonderfully all year around. As a neutral, it can be used by itself, as an accent or as a base for any colour combination.

As grey doesn’t have a ‘personality’ of its own, paired with any other colour, it allows that colour to be visible whilst grey takes a back seat. The key is to choose a grey that is from the same harmonious colour family as the rest of the colours you are using.  That way it will harmoniously resonate and not jar or drain the other colours. It is perfect for those who are not big fans of bold colors and have a soft spot for neutrals. Or it can simply be a way to tone down the space-age style revival that our technology-fueled lives have introduced.

You might not be heading to the moon and back, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress the part, especially when there are so many out-of-this-world options on offer. Yup – the space cadet look is in! High impact, high shine metallic silver has hit the runways; reminiscent of ’60s futurism, where the message was clearly one of escapism.

However, before you go full-on astronaut (as in, get me on a rocket to anywhere but here), first try out pops of silver as opposed to blinding, head-to-toe fashion looks.

This season, silver will outshine every other hue and is set to dominate not only in fashion, but also in home décor. In particular, designers are taking futurism in a decidedly silver décor direction as a popular look in interior design.

Ready for lift-off?

 FloorworX Greyed Out Trend:

Swatch Name
1.Sport Supreme 67
2.Sarlon Tech Trafic
3.Surestep Star Trout
4.Eternal Material
5.Eternal Material

Get more inspiration from this #FXTG 2018 trend by visiting our Greyed Out Trend  board on Pinterest here https://za.pinterest.com/FloorworXAfrica/greyed-out/

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