Interior Design & architectural trends 2015/2016 2

24 Feb Interior Design & architectural trends 2015/2016 2

Colour remains within, what I refer to as, the Fondant palette – a range of fresh pastels, which are somewhat fresher and brighter than their past appearances. The key colour for 2015 will certainly be coral and shades thereof. Tones of grey have become exceptionally popular for large surfaces such as walls and ceilings as well as furniture where brights are reserved for accents such as scatter cushions. Blue and white colour combinations will again rear their heads and this combination, just works exceptionally well with the South African light. This is also a great colour combination for patios and informal living areas where a cool coastal feeling can be appreciated all year round.

Technology will have a huge impact on a variety of products and industries, where we will see digitally printed fabrics utilised for everything from upholstering chairs and smaller items of furniture to scatter cushions and lampshades. This printing allows for customisation, which is the largest overriding trend. The beauty of digitally printed fabric is that you can order just 1 meter if desired instead of being forced into large production runs. This concept will allow designers to be a lot more experimental when it comes to fabric use and application. 3D printing will also play a similar role where unique 3d art will become available to a commercial market. This form of art has already had exposure through high profile exhibitions both internationally as well as locally. Creative light fittings and even furniture will benefit from this new technology allowing for some very innovative patterns and forms to be created.

On the flip side of technology, Designers continue to look at the past for inspiration so thin armed sofas and minimalist side tables and lamps will be found in a variety of forms. Appliances too will continue on this retro journey, even though they will carry all the hi tech features. Consumers are of the belief that items from the past lasted longer and were more robust and manufactured with care, this attitude again reiterating the backlash to mass production. Materials too will be re-introduced and in some cases even reinvented. Copper and Brass are key, we will see far less chrome and stainless steel being used as this is replaced with these two materials, the fact that it tarnishes and creates a patina is the appeal factor. This material will even be used in kitchen spaces for counter tops as well as cabinet cladding.

Art, craft and design have now become one! As bold as this statement may be, craft especially here in South Africa has become more refined and being appreciated worldwide for its design centric approach. We are seeing the reverse taking place as well with trained designers going back and looking at craft for inspiration, examples of this include hand-knotted rugs, hand crafted furniture and even limited edition, silk-screened fabrics. The value of items is no longer simply determined by the materials and brand heritage but the process in which it was manufactured, human input and time are the key drivers of product appreciation. Like everything, mass production will replicate this craft- like aesthetic and based on this we will see an increase in astuteness within consumers, who will not only want the look and feel of a product but rather authenticity. The age of mindless consumerism is over!

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