NEW! Bona Wool Pad – For Better Oiling & Buffing

16 Jul NEW! Bona Wool Pad – For Better Oiling & Buffing


1. The wool creates more heat on the surface, improving the penetration of oil and speeding up the drying process.
2. The pads are made of 100% sheep wool and contains natural lanolin (wool wax) for a satin, uniform finish.
3. The wool can be washed in soap and water and contains
no substances subject to classification.
4. The wool pad holds the oil in the pad and doesn’t splash oil around during application.
5. The wool is rip-resistant and dimensionally stable ensuring long life-length on the pads.

Use it with Bona oils, Bona Create or Bona Prime Deep for polishing oiled or waxed surfaces.

You will be amazed by the saturated surface and how easy it is to apply oil with these pads.

NOW available from FloorworX! Contact Peter Geyer on pgeyer@floorworx.co.za or Sakkie Pretorius on spretorius@floorworx.co.za

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