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The CAMO® hidden deck fastening system allows construction for beautiful fastener-free deck system. The patented CAMO® system includes proprietary deck screws, CAMO® Marksman™ tools and CAMO® Driver Bits. Together they enable a distinctive single-angle entry that secures solid or grooved deck boards directly to the joist, reducing board movement and allowing the screws to be hidden.

– Unique design for unmatched performance

– Affordable, easy to install fastening solution

– Heavy-duty, contractor-grade tool

– Screws available in 48mm and 60mm lengths

– No visible screws on the face of the deck

The CAMO® system is recommended for use when installing treated soft wood, hardwood, composite or PVC deck boards for exterior projects.

CAMO® Marksman™ Pro fits any deck boards measuring 127mm – 147mm wide and 19mm – 38mm thick.

CAMO® Marksman™ NB is designed for narrow deck boards measuring 80mm – 123mm wide and 19mm – 38mm thick. Both these fastening system products provide an automatic 4.7mm spacing between the deck boards.

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