FloorworX No. 55 Two-Part Polyurethane Adhesive

About This Product

FloorworX No. 55 is a two-part polyurethane adhesive suitable for use when bonding nora® synthetic rubber tiles onto concrete sub-floors or smooth metal decks.

– Coverage rate of approximately 12m² per 6kg pack depending on sub-floor porosity
– Solvent free
– Locally manufactured

Suitable for bonding rubber floor tiles from our nora® range to cement screeds.

Concrete sub-floors must be sound, clean, smooth, level and completely dry. The surface must also be free of grease, wax or any other contaminant. All sub-floors in contact with the ground must incorporate a reliable Damp Proof System. Should Pavelite be used to repair or improve sub-floors, FloorworX No. 33 Bonding Liquid MUST be added to the mix.

Note that moisture in the sub-floor will react adversely with the adhesive during the curing period.

Excessively porous or dusty surfaces must be primed using a suitable primer. Allow the primed surface approximately 24 hours to dry prior to the application of adhesive

Pour the contents of the Activator (Part A) into the tin containing the Base (Part B). Stir thoroughly for 10 minutes, paying particular attention to the sides and bottom of the container. Once mixed, spread evenly using a trowel, fitted with an A2 notched blade. The mixed adhesive has a pot life of 20-40 minutes depending on ambient temperature. Flooring can be laid into the adhesive as soon as it has been spread as there are no solvents to flash off. Tiles must be flat when laying, if corners have been turned up during handling they may spring out of the wet adhesive. Weights should be placed on these corners until the adhesive has cured. Bed the flooring into the adhesive using a 68kg three-sectional metal floor roller in both directions before the adhesive has cured. Any adhesive on the surface of the flooring material must be removed immediately using a damp cloth. Avoid heavy traffic for at least 24 hours after installation.

Please consult the FloorworX Technical Department for any specialist or unusual application.

– Store in a cool place – do not allow to freeze
– Do not lay flooring onto screeds having a temperature of less than 12ºC
– Ensure adequate ventilation
– Avoid eye and skin contact
– Protect skin by means of gloves or a barrier cream
– Should skin become contaminated – wash immediately with soap and water
– Avoid eye or skin contact

FloorworX No. 55 Material Safety Data Sheet

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