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marmoleum® is a natural linoleum floor covering designed and manufactured using 100% green electricity. It consists of linseed oil, natural resins, wood flour, pigments and inorganic fillers calendered in two layers on a jute backing. It is naturally antibacterial and resistant to cigarette burns.

marmoleum® is finished with the factory-applied Top Shield™ 2 surface treatment for ease of maintenance, whilst eliminating the need for waxing of sprayed refurbishment during the life-time of the product.

  • – Linoleum has a 150-year heritage
  • – Created entirely from raw materials obtained from their natural habitat
  • – Sustainable and durable, with the lowest cost of ownership
  • – marmoleum® is biodegradable
  • – Improved stain resistance
  • – marmoleum® delivers a higher caloric value and creates thermal energy that outweighs the energy used during production
  • – Top Shield™ 2 provides you with a floor that is naturally bacteriostatic, resistant to hand disinfectants, scratches and traps dirt less and is easy to maintain

All resilient flooring materials require a smooth, hard, clean and level surface, not only for appearance but also for achieving a satisfactory adhesive bond and long-term durability. It must therefore be ensured that the sub-floor is acceptable to receive the resilient flooring specified in respect of levelness, smoothness, soundness and cleanness, with a minimum requirement of a Grade 1 floor finish as set out in SANS 10070. The flooring contractor shall also ensure that the sub-floor is sufficiently dry prior to the installation of the flooring material. All sub-floors should be tested for dryness by using a suitably approved Concrete Moisture Meter. (Tramex CME 4,Caisson VI-D4 Pinless Concrete Moisture Meter, GE Protimeter Mini or a Hygrometer). [In cases where the floors are not within the acceptable range and time constraints are an issue, it may be necessary to apply a reputable moisture barrier prior to the application of a self-leveller].

Note only once the readings are within range may the installation be started. Excessive moisture in the sub-floor will react adversely with the adhesive during the curing period

The installation must then be carried out in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions that pertain to the type of Marmoleum material being installed.

–  Note where there is direct to-earth concrete it is essential that an effective damp-proof membrane be incorporated.

–  Prior to installation, Marmoleum® must be allowed to relax for 24 hours at a uniform room temperature of between 18°C and 27°C

–  Stove Bar Marks: It is recommended that installers contact the FloorworX Technical Department for advice regarding stove bar marks and the installation of marmoleum®.

On completion, the Marmoleum must be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s procedures. It is then important that the client or customer is made fully aware of the correct maintenance regime that has to be implemented, in order to afford the expected lifespan from the product

Supply and fix 2.0mm thick x 2.0m wide Marmoleum® Real / Fresco Linoleum Sheeting or 2.5mm thick x 2.0m wide Marmoleum® Real / Fresco / Vivace / Concrete / Striato / Walton / Uni / Terra / Splash / Graphic / Piano Linoleum Sheeting with Top Shield™ 2 surface treatment, manufactured in accordance with EN 548 and laid in MarmoGL acrylic polymer dispersion adhesive which has been spread using a trowel fitted with an B1 notched blade at a rate of approximately 3.0 to 4.0m² per litre (depending on the porosity of the floor) alternatively FloorworX No 71 contact adhesive applied to both the sheeting and the previously prepared floor using a brush or paint roller at the rate of approximately 3.5m2 per litre per single application, including all cutting and waste. The sheeting must be rolled in both directions with an articulated 68kg three-sectional roller immediately after it has been laid into the adhesive. Joins must be butted, grooved and heat welded using the manufacturer’s welding rod, ensuring that the welding rod bonds to more than 70% of the sheet thickness.

Please Note: The use of any adhesive other than MarmoGL Acrylic Adhesive or FloorworX No. 71  for Marmoleum® is done so entirely at own risk as FloorworX cannot comment on the anticipated performance or suitability of adhesives produced by other manufacturers for linoleum.

Suggested Specification – Marmoleum®

marmoleum® Real Product Data

Marmoleum® Fresco Product Data

Marmoleum® Vivace Product Data

Marmoleum® Concrete Product Data

Marmoleum® Walton Uni Product Data

Marmoleum® Striato Product Data

FloorworX offers a 5 year limited warranty, subject to our terms and conditions, against defective material provided that it is installed and maintained in accordance with our recommendations.


Please Note: This product is for indoor use ONLY.

marmoleum® Cleaning and Maintenance

Linoleum Flooring Poster

GreenTag Certificate

marmoleum®  Environmental Product Declaration

Topshield™ 2 Brochure

SwatchProductCodeNCS Code 1LRV
Sandmarmoleum® Real2499NCS S 1510-Y20R56%
Dove Greymarmoleum® Real2621NCS S 3005-G50Y36%
Eigermarmoleum® Real2629NCS S 6005-G80Y19%
Calicomarmoleum® Real2713NCS S 2010-Y20R53%
Rustmarmoleum® Real2767NCS S 4040-Y50R19%
Bluemarmoleum® Real3030NCS S 5030-R90B12%
Mist Greymarmoleum® Real3032NCS S 3005-G80Y42%
Caribbeanmarmoleum® Real3038NCS S 1515-Y20R55%
Graphitemarmoleum® Real3048NCS S 7502-Y14%
Dove Bluemarmoleum® Real3053NCS S 4005-B80G27%
Fresco Bluemarmoleum® Real3055NCS S 4020-B23%
Tan Pinkmarmoleum® Real3077NCS S2010-Y40R47%
Shellmarmoleum® Real3075NCS S 2020-Y20R44%
Rosatomarmoleum® Real3120NCS S 2010-Y20R51%
Arabesquemarmoleum® Real3123NCS S 5000-N23%
Bleeckerstreetmarmoleum® Real3127NCS S 2570-R9%
Concretemarmoleum® Real3136NCS S 3005-G80Y47%
Slate Greymarmoleum® Real3137NCS S 6502-Y16%
Himalayamarmoleum® Real3141NCS S 3020-Y10R40%
Serene Greymarmoleum® Real3146NCS S 4502-Y27%
Van Goghmarmoleum® Real3173NCS S 2030-Y20R46%
Saharamarmoleum® Real3174NCS S 3040-Y30R29%
Spamarmoleum® Real3219NCS S 3020-B30G32%
Chartreusemarmoleum® Real3224NCS S 2050-G60Y38%
Dandelionmarmoleum® Real3225NCS S 2050-Y10R46%
Horse Roanmarmoleum® Real3232NCS S 3010-Y20R40%
Shitakemarmoleum® Real3233NCS S 4020-Y30R23%
Forest Groundmarmoleum® Real3234NCS S 4010-Y10R33%
Dark Bistremarmoleum® Real3236NCS S 8502-Y7%
Honey Sucklemarmoleum® Real3268NCS S 2040-R33%
Violetmarmoleum® Real3270NCS S 5020-R70B17%
Plummarmoleum® Real3272NCS S 6020-R10B13%
Golden Saffronmarmoleum® Real3847NCS S 2040-Y30R41%
Green Wellnessmarmoleum® Real3881NCS S 2020-G90Y51%
SwatchProductCodeNCS Code 1LRV
Blackmarmoleum® Fresco2939NCS S 9000-N5%
Golden Sunsetmarmoleum® Fresco3125NCS S 1070-Y20R38%
Kyotomarmoleum® Fresco3126NCS S 2570Y60R18%
Scarletmarmoleum® Fresco3131NCS S 1580-Y90R13%
Lavamarmoleum® Fresco3139NCS S 8000-N9%
Hennamarmoleum® Fresco3203NCS S 5040-Y80R11%
Shrikemarmoleum® Fresco3246NCS S 6005-Y20R21%
Greenmarmoleum® Fresco3247NCS S 4050-G50Y23%
Lemon Zestmarmoleum® Fresco3251NCS S 1050-Y10R52%
Sparrowmarmoleum® Fresco3252NCS S 4010-Y10R29%
Claymarmoleum® Fresco3254NCS S 6010-Y30R17%
Edelweissmarmoleum® Fresco3257NCS S 2005-G80Y58%
Mustardmarmoleum® Fresco3259NCS S 3040-Y38%
Leafmarmoleum® Fresco3260NCS S 3030-G40Y27%
Marinemarmoleum® Fresco3261NCS S 6030-B8%
Marigoldmarmoleum® Fresco3262NCS S 1070-Y40R34%
Rosemarmoleum® Fresco3263NCS S 2060-Y90R17%
Greek bluemarmoleum® Fresco3264NCS S 3050-B17%
Avocadomarmoleum® Fresco3265NCS S 3030-G60Y31%
Lilacmarmoleum® Fresco3266NCS S 3005-R20B37%
Aquamarmoleum® Fresco3267NCS S 2030-B50G39%
Turquoisemarmoleum® Fresco3269NCS S 3040-B50G28%
Hunter greenmarmoleum® Fresco3271NCS S 5030-B90G13%
Rubymarmoleum® Fresco3273NCS S 4050-R10%
African Desertmarmoleum® Fresco3825NCS S 2050-Y50R26%
Blue Heavenmarmoleum® Fresco3828NCS S 3020-B10G34%
Natural Cornmarmoleum® Fresco3846NCS S 1030-Y10R56%
Barbadosmarmoleum® Fresco3858NCS S 1510-Y10R65%
Silver Shadowmarmoleum® Fresco3860NCS S 2005-G70Y48%
Arabian Pearlmarmoleum® Fresco3861NCS S 2010-Y20R50%
Eternitymarmoleum® Fresco3866NCS S 5502-G21%
Volcanic Ashmarmoleum® Fresco3872NCS S 7500-N10%
Walnutmarmoleum® Fresco3874NCS S 7010-Y50R11%
Moonstonemarmoleum® Fresco3883NCS S 2502-G45%
Spring Budsmarmoleum® Fresco3885NCS S 2040-G60Y46%
Cindermarmoleum® Fresco3889NCS S 3502-Y30%
Oatmarmoleum® Fresco3890NCS S 3010-Y20R31%
Sagemarmoleum® Fresco3891NCS S 4010-G30Y31%
SwatchProductCodeNCS Code 1LRV
Asian Tigermarmoleum® Vivace3403NCS S 3040-Y30R29%
Granadamarmoleum® Vivace3405NCS S 5005-Y20R28%
Donkey Islandmarmoleum® Vivace3407NCS S 3010-Y30R36%
Sunny Daymarmoleum® Vivace3411NCS S 2030-Y20R45%
Green Melodymarmoleum® Vivace3413NCS S 3030-G60Y34%
Surprising Stormmarmoleum® Vivace3420NCS S 4502-Y31%
Oyster Mountainmarmoleum® Vivace3421NCS S 6502-Y17%
Cork Treemarmoleum® Vivace3426NCS S 6010-Y10R16%
Agatemarmoleum® Vivace3427NCS S 3010-Y10R39%
SwatchProductCodeNCS CodeLRV
Seashellmarmoleum® Splash3428NCS S3005-G80Y45%
Blue Moonmarmoleum® Splash3429NCS S 3010-G20Y45%
Salsa Verdemarmoleum® Splash3430NCS S 3010-G50Y47%
Limoncellomarmoleum® Splash3431NCS S 2010-G60Y48%
Fruit Punchmarmoleum® Splash3432NCS S 3010-G90Y46%
Rockpoolmarmoleum® Splash3433NCS S 3010-G80Y46%
SwatchProductCodeNCS CodeLRV
River Bankmarmoleum® Terra5801NCS S 4010-G70Y29%
Alpine Mistmarmoleum® Terra5802NCS S 3005-G50Y31%
Weathered Sandmarmoleum® Terra5803NCS S 4010-Y10R31%
Pink Granitemarmoleum® Terra5804NCS S 4010-Y30R27%

marmoleum® Presentation


If an installation is large and material has to be stored on site, the following precautions should be taken:

Storage area must be secure and away from other trades

– Storage area should be clean, dry and environmentally stable (18 ºC – 23ºC)

– Tiles should be stacked at a maximum of 5 boxes per stack on a smooth floor

– Sheeting rolls should stand upright

– No heavy material should be placed on top of rolls or stacked boxes

Please Note: Temperature variations, excess weight or an uneven floor surface will distort the floor material. For more information please contact the FloorworX Technical Department by sending your query to info@floorworx.co.za

Product Selection

marmoleum® Real is the largest range in the marmoleum® collection. 58 colours ensure a wide colour palette with endless possibilities. The shades in marmoleum® Real are built up from 2 to 5 colours that are processed together to create a marbled structure, varying from warm neutrals to classic and bold brights.

Note:Colours available in 2mm

The 19 colours in the marmoleum® Fresco range are based on a tone-on-tone concept that results in a warm and rustic impression. marmoleum® Fresco also complements the other collections in the marmoleum® Collection.

marmoleum® Vivace is a range of powerful, colourful contrasts delivered by mixing 8 elegant colours while still retaining a predominant hue. The result is a colourful and lively design that works virtually anywhere. marmoleum® Vivace is available in 12 colours ranging from multifaceted neutrals to more contrasting, daring colours.

The perfect floor to make a subtle statement. Marmoleum Splash is a new design in Forbo’s Marmoleum portfolio. From a distance, Splash appears light grey with a slight nuance in tone, yet from up close, Splash is an overall light grey with hints of surprising colours peeking through. This modern and playful design is ideal for use on its own but can also act as a connector between more classic marbled and uni-patterned visuals
All Marmoleum Splash colours can be manufactured in a 3,5 mm Marmoleum Decibel construction (18 dB sound reduction), subject to a minimum order quantity and lead time.

An authentic mix of earthy colours. Our newest blend is Marmoleum Terra, a close, tight and highly contrasting structure inspired by igneous rocks. Terra combines a sophisticated small scale marbled structure with great soil hiding properties. The authentic mix of colours creates a versatile floor design that combines well with other Marmoleum items. Terra’s superior appearance retention makes it ideal for use in high traffic areas such as healthcare flooring and floors for schools and provides a natural feel to any environment. All Marmoleum Terra colours can be manufactured in a 3,5 mm Marmoleum Decibel construction (18 dB sound reduction), subject to a minimum order quantity and lead time.

FloorwoX offers a collection of high quality covings, flexible profiles and design skirtings to finish off any marmoleum® installaton.

PLEASE NOTE: All marmoleum® accessories must be ordered (6-8 Weeks lead time). Minimum order quantities apply.

The preformed Marmoform S Inner Corner is a strong, elegant preformed coving that reduces dirt build-up and is easy to install. It provides a hygienic and watertight floor- towall connection and protects the base of the wall during cleaning.
1 piece.
All colours from the Real and Fresco range. Colours from the Vivace / Concrete / Walton Uni / Striato can be manufactured on request.

The functionality of the Marmoform S Outer Corner is the same as the Marmoform S Inner Corner, but it can be installed in outer corners instead of inner corners.
1 piece.
All marmoleum® colours.

The preformed Marmoform SW Inner Corner is also a strong and elegant preformed coving like the marmofom S inner corner, but is provided with a Marmoweld capping.
1 piece
All marmoleum® colours

The functionality of the Marmoform SW outer corner is the same as the Marmoform S outer corner, but the marmoform SW is provided with a Marmoweld capping.
1 piece
All marmoleum® colours

Pre-formed marmoleum® skirtings add the finishing touch to the floor. When the skirting is welded to the linoleum floor, it ensures a hygienic, watertight floor. The top edge may be covered for hygiene or aesthetic purposes, using WA edging strip.
All colours from the Real and Fresco range Colours from the Vivace / Concrete / Walton Uni / Striato can be manufactured on request

The Marmostrip collection of skirtings provide a functional as well as attractive junction between floor and wall. A wide choice of colours and materials makes it possible to create numerous practical and aesthetic designs. Forbo’s Marmostrip W provides a hygienic, practical and elegant capping.
Article Reference:
8 Colours from the Real and Fresco range Colours from the Vivace / Concrete / Walton Uni / Striato can be manufactured on request

Please note: Digital and print representations may vary from the actual product. Please order a sample to see the full effect.

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