noraplan® Sheeting

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The noraplan® sheeting collection offers unlimited design options thanks to the varied patterns with smooth surface and harmonised colour range.

noraplan® signa

ART. 1462
Rubber flooring with a changing base colour consisting of 3 harmoniously matched colour components and characteristic granule inclusions.

noraplan® sentica

ART. 1700
Rubber flooring with a changing base colour consisting of 32 harmoniously matched colour compositions.

noraplan® eco

ART. 1490
High performance rubber flooring with smooth tone-in-tone granular design.

noraplan® stone

ART. 1600
Rubber flooring with discreet, non-directional scatter design, available in smooth or reflection-breaking surface structure.

  • – High footfall sound absorption
  • – Superior Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • – Exceptionally wear resistant
  • – Outstanding fire-resistant properties
  • – Largely oil and grease resistant
  • – Can be used on raised-access floors
  • – nora® rubber floor coverings do not contain any PVC, plasticizers (phthalates) or halogens (e.g. chlorine)
  • – Low maintenance

The noraplan® sheeting collection should be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. Sub-floors must be smooth, hard, clean, and dry before laying commences. Uneven, solid or suspended timber floors may need preparation to meet the required standard. In case of direct to earth concrete, it is essential that a damp proof membrane is incorporated. noraplan® must be allowed to relax for 24 hours in a uniform room temperature between 18°c and 27°c. All sub-floors must be tested for moisture content prior to installation. Recommended adhesive is FloorworX No. 71 Contact.

Supply and fix 2.0mm thick x 1.22m wide noraplan® signa Article1462/sentica Article 1700/ eco Article 1490/stone Article 149 rubber sheeting, manufactured in accordance with EN 14041 and adhered with FloorworX No.71 contact adhesive applied to both the sheeting and the previously prepared Class 1 sub-floor in accordance with SANS 10070 (making use of FloorworX Self Leveller when required) using a brush or paint roller at the rate of approximately 3.5m2 per litre per single application, including all cutting and waste. The sheeting must be rolled in both directions with an articulated 68kg three-sectional roller immediately after it has been laid into the adhesive. Joins must be butted, grooved and heat welded using the manufacturer’s welding rod, ensuring that the welding rod bonds to more than 70% of the sheet thickness.

Suggested Specification – noraplan® Sheeting

noraplan® Signa Product Data

noraplan® Sentica Product Data

noraplan® Eco Product Data

noraplan® Stone Product Data

FloorworX offers a 5 year limited warranty, subject to our terms and conditions, against defective material provided that it is installed and maintained in accordance with our recommendations.


Please Note: This product is for indoor use ONLY.

noraplan® Sheeting Cleaning and Maintenance

Rubber Flooring Poster

SwatchProductCodeNCS Code 1LRV
Signanoraplan® Signa2779NCS S 6005-B20G19,21%
Signanoraplan® Signa2780NCS S 2502-Y52%
Signanoraplan® Signa2781NCS S 3502-Y41,58%
Signanoraplan® Signa2784NCS S 3005-Y20R41,78%
Signanoraplan® Signa2785NCS S 4010-Y10R36,76%
Signanoraplan® Signa2786NCS S 3010-Y10R47,12%
Signanoraplan® Signa2787NCS S 6005-Y50R20,6%
Signanoraplan® Signa2930NCS S 4000-N32,79%
Signanoraplan® Signa2931NCS S 6000-N20,14%
Signanoraplan® Signa2932NCS S 7500-N11,28%
Signanoraplan® Signa2933NCS S 4005-Y50R33,28%
Signanoraplan® Signa2934NCS S 7000-N14,67%
Signanoraplan® Signa2935NCS S 8500-N7,98%
Signanoraplan® Signa2936NCS S 3010-B37,35%
Signanoraplan® Signa2937NCS S 3030-R80B28,64%
Signanoraplan® Signa2938NCS S 4020-R70B22,24%
Signanoraplan® Signa2939NCS S 5020-R80B14,82%
Signanoraplan® Signa2940NCS S 4010-R90B29,25%
Signanoraplan® Signa2941NCS S 5020-R90B20,44%
Signanoraplan® Signa2942NCS S 6010-R90B14,97%
Signanoraplan® Signa2943NCS S 5030-R80B14,93%
Signanoraplan® Signa2944NCS S 1010-Y20R68,53%
Signanoraplan® Signa2945NCS S 1505-Y30R66%
Signanoraplan® Signa2946NCS S 1510-Y20R55,82%
Signanoraplan® Signa2947NCS S 5020-B70G20,17%
Signanoraplan® Signa2948NCS S 5005-B80G27,34%
Signanoraplan® Signa2949NCS S 4010-G70Y36,1%
Signanoraplan® Signa2950NCS S 2020-G80Y50,82%
Signanoraplan® Signa2951NCS S 6020-B50G13,62%
Signanoraplan® Signa2952NCS S 4020-B50G26,89%
Signanoraplan® Signa2953NCS S 4010-G30Y30,36%
Signanoraplan® Signa2954NCS S 3030-G70Y35,53%
Signanoraplan® Signa2955NCS S 1030-Y63%
Signanoraplan® Signa2956NCS S 2040-Y20R45,22%
Signanoraplan® Signa2957NCS S 1070-Y40R37,92%
Signanoraplan® Signa2958NCS S 4040-Y50R21,19%
Signanoraplan® Signa2959NCS S 1050-Y10R54,31%
Signanoraplan® Signa2960NCS S 2040-Y30R39,61%
Signanoraplan® Signa2961NCS S 2050-Y60R28,55%
Signanoraplan® Signa2962NCS S 3060-Y80R15,71%
Signanoraplan® Signa2963NCS S 1515-Y30R57,96%
Signanoraplan® Signa2964NCS S 3030-Y20R38,32%
Signanoraplan® Signa2965NCS S 5030-Y60R13,59%
Signanoraplan® Signa2966NCS S 5040-Y70R12%
Signanoraplan® Signa2967NCS S 2020-Y20R48,2%
Signanoraplan® Signa2968NCS S 4020-Y30R27,26%
Signanoraplan® Signa2969NCS S 5040-Y30R15,31%
Signanoraplan® Signa2970NCS S 7010-Y50R10,21%
SwatchProductCodeNCS Code 1LRV
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6500NCS S 3010-R20B40,76%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6501NCS S 5020-R30B17,04%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6502NCS S 4040-R10B13,20%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6503NCS S 6030-R20B8,84%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6504NCS S 1510-Y64,64%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6505NCS S 2005-Y10R54,39%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6506NCS S 4005-Y20R32,00%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6507NCS S 7005-Y20R11,89%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6508NCS S 1015-Y20R65,22%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6509NCS S 2020-Y10R49,17%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6510NCS S 5010-Y10R28,43%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6511NCS S 6010-Y50R15,16%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6512NCS S 1030-Y10R61,71%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6513NCS S 2050-Y20R42,16%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6514NCS S 3060-Y60R18,30%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6515NCS S 3560-Y90R9,15%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6516NCS S 1050-G60Y59,68%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6517NCS S 2060-G60Y41,59%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6518NCS S 2050-G40Y36,36%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6519NCS S 3050-G30Y23,41%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6520NCS S 3502-Y36,74%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6521NCS S 5502-Y23,73%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6522NCS S 6502-Y16,05%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6523NCS S 7502-Y10,44%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6524NCS S 2502-B48,78%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6525NCS S 3005-B20G39,88%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6526NCS S 5005-R80B24,27%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6527NCS S 7502-B11,06%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6528NCS S 2030-R90B39,07%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6529NCS S 3030-R90B29,75%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6530NCS S 4030-R90B24,06%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6531NCS S 5020-R80B15,06%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6532NCS S 1070-Y40R33,62%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6533NCS S 3060-Y80R15,79%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6534NCS S 5030-R50B11,49%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6535NCS S 4030-B10G23,95%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6536NCS S 2030-Y20R45,79%
Senticanoraplan® Sentica6537NCS S 8010-Y90R6,21%
SwatchProductCodeNCS Code 1LRV
Econoraplan® Eco6620NCS S 2005-G90Y52.85%
Econoraplan® Eco6621NCS S 3502-Y37.13%
Econoraplan® Eco6622NCS S 5502-Y21.75%
Econoraplan® Eco6623NCS S 7502-Y11,16%
Econoraplan® Eco6624NCS S 3020-R90B31,35%
Econoraplan® Eco6625NCS S 4020-B26.59%
Econoraplan® Eco6626NCS S 2020-G70Y49.35%
Econoraplan® Eco6627NCS S 4020-G10Y28.97%
Econoraplan® Eco6628NCS S 1510-Y20R63.40%
Econoraplan® Eco6629NCS S 1515-Y30R52.79%
Econoraplan® Eco6630NCS S 2020-Y30R44.43%
Econoraplan® Eco6631NCS S 2010-Y20R46.55%
Econoraplan® Eco6632NCS S 1020-Y20R63.37%
Econoraplan® Eco6633NCS S 2030-Y10R54.75%
Econoraplan® Eco6634NCS S 3040-Y60R23.87%
Econoraplan® Eco6635NCS S 4050-Y80R13.39%
SwatchProductCodeNCS Code 1LRV
Stonenoraplan® Stone6601NCS S 2502-Y48.45%
Stonenoraplan® Stone1146NCS S 4502-Y29.21%
Stonenoraplan® Stone1862NCS S 6005-B20G19.34%
Stonenoraplan® Stone1279NCS S 4030-R90B19.66%
Stonenoraplan® Stone6607NCS S 2060-G60Y32.61%
Stonenoraplan® Stone2306NCS S 8500-N7,44%
Stonenoraplan® Stone6613NCS S 2010-Y30R52.68%
Stonenoraplan® Stone6614NCS S 2040-Y20R42.31%

noraplan® Presentation


If an installation is large and material has to be stored on site, the following precautions should be taken:

Storage area must be secure and away from other trades

– Storage area should be clean, dry and environmentally stable (18 ºC – 23ºC)

– Tiles should be stacked at a maximum of 5 boxes per stack on a smooth floor

– Sheeting rolls should stand upright

– No heavy material should be placed on top of rolls or stacked boxes

Please Note: Temperature variations, excess weight or an uneven floor surface will distort the floor material. For more information please contact the FloorworX Technical Department by sending your query to info@floorworx.co.za

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