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In the Quick-Step® Classic range you will find balanced combinations of colour and style blended with a natural look and feel. Thanks to the superior quality HDF core and the Scratch Guard top layer, Quick-Step® Classic laminate floors are up to 10 times more scratch-resistant. Quick-Step® Classic has a 25 year wear warranty for domestic use.

– Effortless installation, thanks to the Uniclic® click system

– Up to 10x more scratch resistant

– Perfect matching accessories

– Can be installed over longer and wider areas without an expansion profile (15m x 15m)

– Light and sun resistant

– Suitable for underfloor heating


Quick-Step® Classic has a 25 year domestic warranty and a 5 year commercial warranty dependent on the application on wear and a lifetime warranty on the Uniclic® click system for domestic use provided that it is installed using Quick-Step® accessories and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is for indoor use only.

Quick-Step® Classic should be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Quick-Step® Classic must be allowed to acclimatise for 48 hours in the unopened packaging at the normal room temperature in the middle of the room where the floor is to be installed. The floors should preferably be installed parallel to the way the light falls. The ideal environment is a temperature of 15 – 20°C and relative humidity of 50 – 60%. The base floor must be thoroughly clean and flat before Quick-Step. Classic is installed. Flatten any unevenness of more than 2mm. If installing on concrete, the moisture content may not exceed 2.5%.

A freshly poured coating must dry out for at least 1 week per cm thickness up to 4cm and 2 weeks per cm thickness above 4cm, with sufficient ventilation. Concrete must therefore dry out for a minimum of 8 weeks. First remove the existing damp-open floor covering such as carpets and needle felt flooring before laying Quick-Step® Classic.

If installing on a wooden floor, first remove any existing floor covering. Ensure that the floor is sufficiently stable and any loose parts nailed down and if necessary a levelling underfloor must be installed. Moisture content may not exceed 10%. It is essential that the creeping space under the wooden floor be sufficiently ventilated (minimum 4cm². total ventilation opening per m²). Install new panels across planks.

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