Superflex® Wallcladding

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Fully-flexible vinyl wallcladding for the healthcare industry. Superflex® Wallcladding can also be used for countertop applications.

  • – Hygienic
  • – Easy to clean
  • – Durable
  • – 100% recyclable
  • – 56% natural
  • – Low carbon footprint
  • – Locally Manufactured

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Superflex® Wallcladding should be installed in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. Wall surfaces must be smooth, hard, clean, and dry before application commences. Wall surfaces may need preparation to meet the required standard.Superflex® Wallcladding must be allowed to relax for 24 hours in a uniform room temperature between 18°C and 27°C. All wall surfaces must be tested for moisture content prior to application. Note that moisture in the wall will react adversely with the adhesive during the curing period. Recommended adhesive: FloorworX No. 71 contact adhesive. Superflex sheeting must be hot seam welded using FloorworX Welding rod.

Supply and fix 1.25mm thick x 1.2m wide Superflex® fully flexible vinyl wallcladding, Apply FloorworX No.71 contact adhesive applied by means of a brush or paint roller at the rate of approximately 3.50m2 per litre per single application to both surfaces to be bonded, on a previously prepared wall surface.

Suggested Specifications – Superflex® Wallcladding

FloorworX offers a 15 year limited warranty, subject to our terms and conditions, against defective material provided that it is installed and maintained in accordance with our recommendations.

Superflex® Wallcladding Product Data

SwatchProduct NameProduct CodeNCS Code 1
BrownSuperflex® WallcladdingWC08S125NCS S3010-Y50R
BeigeSuperflex® WallcladdingWC09S125NCS S1005-Y20R
WhiteSuperflex® WallcladdingWC06S125NCS S0603-Y40R
GreySuperflex® WallcladdingWC07S125NCS S2002-G50Y
Dark GreySuperflex® WallcladdingWC02S125NCS S4000-N
CharcoalSuperflex® WallcladdingWC01S125NCS S7005-R50B

Superflex® Wallcladding Presentation


If an installation is large and material has to be stored on site, the following precautions should be taken:

Storage area must be secure and away from other trades

– Storage area should be clean, dry and environmentally stable (18 ºC – 23ºC)

– Tiles should be stacked at a maximum of 5 boxes per stack on a smooth floor

– Sheeting rolls should stand upright

– No heavy material should be placed on top of rolls or stacked boxes

Please Note: Temperature variations, excess weight or an uneven floor surface will distort the floor material. For more information please contact the FloorworX Technical Department by sending your query to info@floorworx.co.za

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12 year limited warranty

Please note: Digital and print representations may vary from the actual product. Please order a sample to see the full effect.

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