Taking a look ‘behind the scenes’

10 Jun Taking a look ‘behind the scenes’

This vibrant carpet tile range is the result of FloorworX and Avance Carpets coming together to form a unique partnership. Consequently, Avance Carpets exclusively manufactures Renaissance Carpet Tiles for FloorworX, adding to its already comprehensive range of flooring products.

Polypropylene is a cost-effective fibre and, being solution-dyed, its properties offer colourfastness, durability, UV stability and easy maintenance. ‘Solution-dyed’ can be explained as the colour being extruded right through the fibre, and not just encapsulating the fibre on the outside.

Avance Carpets also use refined bitumen, which is widely recognised as the preferred backing for tiles while being cost-effective and economical. By incorporating Magnasite (the mineral Magnesium Carbonite), tiles can be easily lifted and re-laid as and when required and, in addition, slip prevention is enhanced.

What makes Renaissance Carpet Tiles unique and so appealing is the fact that they are designed in a discreet, lineal pattern giving the carpet a stringent and contemporary look without compromising on quality and easy maintenance.

Furthermore, it is flexible and an affordable flooring solution with a modern level-loop, multi-scroll design in a range of eight vibrant colours. These colours appear in a scroll pattern, with an aesthetically appealing look and plush feel.

In terms of installation, it is advised that these carpet tiles be installed according to manufacturer’s recommendations. Subfloors must be smooth, hard, clean and dry before laying commences while special attention should be given to uneven or suspended timber subfloors as they may need preparation to meet the required standard. Renaissance Carpet Tiles should also be installed with a tessellated design, following the arrows on the back of the tiles which indicate direction. It is recommended that a Grid-Lock installation method be used and, for raised access flooring, FloorworX recommending the use of pressure-sensitive adhesive only.

Encompassing all these characteristics, Renaissance Carpet Tiles will offer the commercial industry numerous benefits, while continuing to engender a passion for beautiful floors that are practical and efficient.

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