Trend 3 – Bos

27 Oct Trend 3 – Bos

The Afrikaans translation for Bush refers to our Bush Veld, and more recently a locally created Ice tea brand, creating a stir worldwide.

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The inspiration for this theme is truly the magnificent bushveld and wild life for which South Africa is synonymous as well as unique. The earthy hues and tones are anything but boring, owing largely to our bright light, and mostly clear skies. This palette of inspiration includes browns, tans, greys, ochre’s, burnt oranges along with a multitude of corresponding hues and textures.


Texture is in fact a key element within this theme, as we looked at the multitude of variances in our regional landscapes. From arid, almost desert like regions to rocky outcrops and forests to large expanses of grasslands contrasted by thorn trees and succulent aloes. This colour palette truly is reflective not only of the flora, but also of our incredible fauna. The tan and white of the springbok to the highly textured grey hide of our increasingly endangered Rhino, this colour spectrum is even influencing international trends.


Art, fashion and architecture were certainly not excluded from this trend as we delved into our heritage of old cave man paintings found in a multitude of age-old caves and not to mention the heritage sites surrounding the discovery of. Mrs. Pless and the world famous area known as; the cradle of human kind.


International trends and designers continue to look at Africa for inspiration and uniqueness and we continue to see African elements continue to raise their heads within their creative industries. We need to celebrate what we have and continue to inspire ourselves; it is time for the rest of the world to follow in our creative footsteps.


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