Trend 4 – Cape Cool

27 Oct Trend 4 – Cape Cool

This theme has a blue and white palette and takes its inspiration from a variety of elements and a true reflection of the fairer Cape. The Cape coastline boasts some of the whitest sandy beaches, which contrast against the purest hues of blue from the Indian Ocean. Continue down to the Cape point and you will actually get to witness the clashing of the two oceans as you witness the swirling blue and white as the Indian ocean meets the Atlantic.

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Another big influence is the beautiful, white gabled silhouettes of the Cape Dutch houses against the beautiful blue skies of the Western Cape. Early homes in Cape Town and its surrounds were built in the Cape Dutch architectural style, unique to a small area of the world and unquestionably beautiful. The style has sources as widely different as mediaeval Holland and Germany, the France of the Huguenots and the islands of Indonesia. The Cape Dutch style owes much of its existence to Malay artisans who designed many of the structures and built them without a single blueprint or plan.


We certainly can’t forget about the blue and white trademark of Delft pottery, which can be found in abundance in the Cape. Delft pottery originated from the Delft area in the Netherlands and is typically decorated with pictorial scenes including figures and landscapes. Delft porcelain has been used in the Cape since the 1700’s when the VOC (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie

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(Dutch East India Company) established a settlement here, so we’re accustomed to seeing these designs in households and antique stores.


Blue and white has also become synonymous with holiday homes and coastal decor; it never dates and always exudes a freshness and feeling of relaxation.

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