Two Firsts for FloorworX and NCS South Africa

24 Jun Two Firsts for FloorworX and NCS South Africa

[Johannesburg – 24 June 2010] – FloorworX, manufacturer of semi-flexible tiles, fully flexible vinyl sheeting and tiles, brings two firsts to specifiers by providing world class tools to deliver a complete colour scheme.

“The trend brochure and the NCS Navigator are both firsts for FloorworX,” explains Theresa Venter, Marketing Manager of FloorworX.

“The combination of the two provides our specifiers with a wonderful tool to use when designing a complete colour scheme.

“Now they will only need the FloorworX website, a complete set of our brochures and an NCS Atlas in order to design a complete colour scheme for a project from floors to walls to ceilings!”

NCS Navigator

FloorworX are first in the world to launch NCS Navigator a customised colour tool which provides the user the creative power of the NCS system in a 3D Java application, on their website. Launched in 2009, NCS Navigator for Architects and Designers has been one of NCS’ success stories with over 25,000 unique visits to www.ncscolour.com in the first month alone.

There are two versions of the NCS Navigator available to companies; a basic version on the NCS website and the more advanced customised NCS Navigator adapting to clients requirements such as adopted by FloorworX.

Lisa Taylor of NCS Colour Centre South Africa give’s an example with the wonderful chromatic orange in the Marmoleum range called Kyoto MR3126. The colour is measured as NCS S2075-Y60R. Once you have downloaded the NCS Navigator from www.FloorworX.co.za you can input the notation S2075-Y60R for each of the tabs on the NCS Triangle – Whiteness, Blackness and Chromaticness.

This then gives you the colours to compliment Kyoto NCS S2075-Y60R all within Y60R. You can get the same whiteness, blackness and chromaticness on each tab. Drag and drop the colours into the Colour Combination workspace area to see if they are what you are looking for. As this then gives you the entire colour combinations that will work with any FloorworX sample.

FloorworX working with NCS Colour Centre SA is the first company in the world to incorporate the NCS Navigator on their website thereby.

By using this fabulous tool provided first by FloorworX, you are now able to assign a complete colour design including wall colours, curtains and the rest of your scheme bringing world class opportunities to the South Africa design market, thus allowing FloorworX customers to produce their own colour ways and colour combinations quickly using the power of the NCS similarities.

Visit www.floorworx.co.za to download the NCS Navigator or the easy to understand manual; you can also go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzajEuXVjeo.

Flooring Colour Trend Brochure

The first flooring colour trend brochure in South Africa has been launch by FloorworX.

The trend brochure produced by FloorworX and NCS Colour Centre SA has four moods- Fragrance, Flourish, Embrace and Fade, each with eight flooring colours redefining the way the standard FloorworX range will be viewed in future.

Colour is a vital element in architecture and design. Our response to colour is so emotive and powerful that it is essential for architects and designers to be able to select, communicate and use colour effectively.

With the trend brochure architects, interior architects and interior designers are going to be able to make the right decisions when it comes to interior flooring needs keeping to new and relevant trends.

“Trends come round in seven year cycles which are renewable every 21 years; at the moment we are seeing a return to the natural and organic with dark and deeping palettes which is why you see fabulous colours such as honeycomb, herb garden and Tamboti in the range,” explains Lisa Taylor, NCS Colour Centre SA.

NCS maps the colour trends around the world and can predict ahead of time what will be in the coming seasons with fashion leading the way. This partnership with FloorworX will assist in ensuring that colours remain at the forefront of colour trends around the world.

About FloorworX

With over 55 years of business experience, FloorworX is the only manufacturer in South Africa who produces semi-flexible tiles, fully flexible vinyl sheeting and tiles. All products manufactured by FloorworX carry the SANS certification for quality.

Additionally, FloorworX also distributes a comprehensive range of International resilient floor coverings for instance safety flooring, antistatic flooring, luxury vinyl flooring, Quick-Step wood laminates, Kährs wooden floors, static control tiles, linoleum, Flotex, Novilon, rubber and sports flooring. For more information visit www.floorworx.co.za.

About NCS

NCS is the understandable international colour order system for colour selection, specification, communication and control of colour in design, architecture, research, marketing and manufacturing and is entirely based on how the human being sees colour.

This logical colour notation system builds on how the human being sees colour; a notation represents a specific colour precept and describes the colour visually. It is not dependant on the limitations caused by pigments, light rays or nerve signals.

The Swedish Government took the initiative in the matter of colour determination and classification in the 1950’s and what has evolved over time is what is now know as the Natural Colour System® and has become the international standard for colour classification. South Africa is fully compliant as the South African Standard (SANS 1091) was enabled in 2004 and adopts NCS. For more information visit www.ncscolour.co.za.

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